Divine Mother: You Are Assisting Humanity to Awaken to the Truth

mother god eraoflightdotcomMy Tsunami of Love is bringing forth lots of the old and dense energies that need to be cleared, removed and transmuted.

Greetings my sweet Annas! Greeting children of my heart! I AM your Mother, I AM Divine Mother, Mother of hope and Mother of nurturing, Mother of you and Mother of all. I am here today and always to bring peace and hope to thee, to remind you who you are. I am here to show thee how proud I am of you, my brave children who are continuing stalwartly and strongly in assisting everyone, without discrimination or even slight concern for self, at this time of chaos and turmoil.

Yes, my Tsunami of Love is bringing forth, front and center and at many other levels, lots of the old and dense energies that need to be cleared, removed and transmuted. And everyone is being affected one way or another! But you are strong in your mission, you are powerful in your faith and in your unwavering stand.

Dear children of My heart, dear emissaries of My love and light, you are such bright beacons of love and light for everyone to see and to anchor onto! You are holding their physical or etheric hands, it matters not which! You give them hope and bring meaning to encourage them to continue this lifetime’s journey on which so many are in great suffering and are seeking a way out of the old third dimensionality. Yes, they too will awaken soon, or they have already awakened suddenly, and that can be frightening. They too are opening their eyes to see the truth and an unbearable reality. And so, they need a loving friend, they need to feel that there is more to this life, they need light and direction so they can follow it home into the Love of My heart.

Humanity had not seen or felt real love for eons dearest hearts, and you are planting the seeds in very subtle ways, you are shining your light for them to follow with or without direct communications or interaction. They are seeing and feeling your love. They are attracted to thee without knowing consciously why, because in truth they feel My Love and calling through you, my sweet angels. You are following in my son Yeshua’s footsteps, continuing his work in a beautiful and expansive way, for many need His direction and light without much talking or preaching on your part.

You see, there is still so much work to be done in bringing this New Earth to everyone, to every single child that was born from My heart and decided to incarnate at this exciting time of transformation and expansion. I love all of My children dearly, and all of them deserve a chance and as many nudges as they need to awaken and then fully participate in this dream of mine of creating Heaven on Earth.

I thank you for your contribution and steadfastness! I thank you for your devotion in pursuing My Dream and our divine plan!

I will leave you now with My deep peace and love!




» Source » Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.