Starlight, Gnomes, Universal Mother: The Upgrades Are Coming

era of light dna upgradesI am Starlight, of the unicorn race, bringing good tidings to humanity this day. I see you, young ones, embedded in fear and doubt of the old ways, the old system that seems to loom above you. But no, look again! Clear skies of endless possibilities of rainbow light and love are above your sweet heads now, for the tide has shifted! You, my young friends, are in the midst of the biggest shift that this universe has ever seen or experienced, and you, the privileged few reading these words, have the foresight and wherewithal to be awake and aware as you ride this wave to – truly – enlightenment! It is magnificent to see.

We unicorns love to run fast, with our sylph friends breathing love and blessings into our mane as it whips in the wind as we ride, ride, gallop fast along beaches, magical knolls, wherever we wish to roam wild and free. And we see this attitude sweeping through your kind, human kind, at this time of the shift, the changeover from darkness into light, for freedom is sweeping in. Freedom of creativity, of creative thought and mastery as you unleash and realize that the power you craved had nearly been withheld, or so you thought, deep within you. It was nearly waiting for the time, such as now, to be acknowledged, treasured, realized and set free. And you, my friends are doing it. I, Starlight, am whinnying with excitement and I see these waves of rainbow light from our realm dance and skip into that of your own, for they are now merging deeply, intensively, bridging worlds and realms into endless possibilities of newness of form, of light, of flight and of possibility. For you are creating that which you see, young ones.

Your unicorn horn is shining brightly – ah, yes, but I do see this, as do all of my kind, for all is being awakened. Many of you have had quite the uncomfortable ascension symptoms of late and many of you have had your kundalini awakening. This is all to be expected and treasured deep within your heart of hearts for you are expanding at an exponential rate. I am Starlight of the unicorn race and I salute you in your service to your fellow humans and especially to Queen Gaia and her kingdoms, for she is the great mother of all of our earthly remembering and she deserves our utmost respect and service. I am Starlight of the unicorn race and I bow to you, in love. And I assure you that yes, we are as real as you are, as you shall soon see. Be at peace.

We Gnomes speak now, for our time of the long silence is now past. We feel the newness of the energies streaming in and it excites us deeply. We dwell deep within the mother, always working, always tending to our tasks, ever in service to the whole, and yes, we have fun while we are doing it! We enjoy the mud, the dark, cool, damp of the earth and we feel her presence deeply. We gnomes are solitary creatures, it is true that we have not sought out humankind. We prefer the twilight and the shadows. We are ready to experience the changeover as well for we are tired of hiding from humanity, from those that we used to be of the same allegiance with but had forgotten their way. Our third eyes are fully open and we see clearly most that others would prefer to not see. But the time of our hiding is long past and we see this changeover happening quite clearly and it excites us to no end, for if and when the humans awake there will be more, ever more eager hands to serve the mother and to clean her up, so that paradise can yet again be experienced and enjoyed by the all who live upon and within her. We are the gnomes. I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. Tonight you have heard from some of my beloved creatures and I assure you, you are equally precious to me children, and I love you ever so. The upgrades are coming swift and furiously now; furious in their never-ending love of mine reclaiming you, my own precious children as my own. I am reclaiming you. I am bringing you home to me where you belong and have always been. For the game of the great experiment of illusion is now over. I speak with conviction and confidence for I have spoken (decreed it). All that you see now is playing out the result of my bidding, for I am love. Nothing else can be true. Love is the universal answer and solution to all things. When in doubt, love. When in fear, love. When searching for me, love, and you shall find me, for I am but a breath away for I am in your very heartbeat.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. I see how tired you are children, and I embrace you on the deepest level that I can with my loving embrace. Breathe me in – ah – there – can you feel me? I am all around you. I am singing inside you, your personal and favorite lullaby. Be comforted. Be at peace. The waves and rocking are not over yet, but I assure you, I am here with you as deeply and closely and as intimately as you wish for me to be. I brought the unicorn race and gnomes to you this night to show you that truly all things are possible for you are not alone. You are supported in every realm of love and of endless possibilities. You are loved on many levels children. Rest in this tonight and be comforted. I will fortify you for the upcoming waves that I assure you will be ground breaking both personally and as a collective.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. I am. And you are mine. I love you. Be at peace.



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl