The Group: Equality of Spirit

ascended masters eraoflightGreetings, dear ones.

I am Merlia and I join you this day in great celebration, for you have reached levels of balance that we did not think would be possible in this very short timeframe. You’ve stepped into the fifth dimension. Oh yes. It’s exciting, it is wonderful. But sometimes it’s almost like stepping into a mud puddle, not quite knowing what’s there or how to work with everything. We tell you that what you have started to do is to balance the masculine/feminine in a whole new way. There’s much work to be done with this and still a lot to unfold upon planet Earth and humanity. As you take these next steps, dear ones, it is this rise of beautiful feminine  energy that holds the key to taking you comfortably into the next step. Not that one is better than the other, but we tell you, you have been out of balance for so long. To balance the masculine and feminine again is very powerful, and you’re starting to see it happen over and again.

I’m so incredibly excited that many of the things showing up in your news media reveals how the collective humanity has reached a critical mass with certain things. Yes, it is difficult and yes, we’ve warned you about the backlash to that. That will continue as well, but we’re also so incredibly proud of all of you. You are the Family of E, each and every one of you. The possibilities that you hold for this energy is absolutely incredible. We will tell you more about that, but what we want you to know is that you hold the answers to many of the questions that even you, yourselves are asking.

‘The Mud Puddle’ of the Fifth Dimension

You hold the answers, because many of you have come in as experts on exactly the transition that humanity now faces. You have done this before and that’s what we’re here to help you re-member.  It is not necessary that you re-member every aspect ahead of every single step that you’re going to be taking. But what we want you to understand is that mindfulness of your heart. Trust that you are on the right path and you are here with a purpose. As time goes forward and you anchor yourself in this mud hole sometimes called the fifth dimension, you will be amazed by it. We told you it was very interesting to see, because we thought for a very long time that planet Earth would end the game before you would be able to step into that higher vibration.  That was not to be though because you made it, you stepped into it. Oh, does that mean you’re safe and you never have to do anything again? No, there’s much turmoil on Earth even as a result of stepping into it but you’re up for it, dear ones. You’re seeing hearts and minds change collectively very quickly. Now, the Family of E is a very important part of all this because it is all about equality. However, do not call it the Family of Equality or the Family of Empowerment or any of the many E words that fit this, because there are many. Interestingly enough, the Family of E has incarnated and even played games in a higher vibrational status. Not always in a dense physical body, but they have been there for many of the games throughout the universe. The Family of E has always been there at a time when a little push of critical mass could help things to move ahead smoothly, instead of taking huge steps backwards into fear.

The Spirit Is Equal

Many of you are here right now, as you have been over eons of time, during the many games that you have influenced in one way or another. Sometimes just by playing a role, or by being a part of it in some way. There are things that you have learned, that as a family you have grown to work with equality. Probably the most important thing that you can do on this planet is to embrace equal rights. Yes, that’s equal rights for your belief systems and religions and for your economic status, which has never been equal. Equal rights for who you are and which race of energy that you decide to carry as a spirit. We find this absolutely fascinating dear ones, because you’ve been struggling with race equality for so long. Planet Earth has been one of these great testing grounds where you could try new things. Here, you could try on new parts and add them to your game. You can work with things in a different way and you have done so incredibly well with it.  Now we find it a very interesting situation. It is fascinating that you’re still dealing with race inequality. Racism has surfaced many times on Earth and now it is playing a bigger part than was expected. Now you have many leaders in your world who believe that one race is superior to others.  In no less than two places on Earth at this moment, you have ethnic cleansing taking place without resistance. If only humans could re-member their origins when all beings are connected. We ask all of you to send energy and attention to these situations.

Dear ones, a simple understanding of multidimensionality would stop this at its core. Each person on Earth has 11 different yous. You’re not just one person. You have eleven reflections of the same energy and core personality in various parts and even dimensions of the world. Playing in slightly different bodies, making different choices, hiding a little bit of your perfection in each one of them. Race inequality, believing that one race is somehow better than another, is partly a lack of responsibility. Many times a race is judged as the reason that a person does not have what they want. To play the game in duality there must be a good guy and a bad one. It is time to step out of that duality thinking as it no longer works in the fifth dimension. We find that fascinating, because in reality if you are one race here in one of your dimensions, you are probably another one in a different dimension. If a human is blaming a race of beings for their problems in life, then chances are very high that they actually have several of that race in other dimensions. When a spirit enters the game, they are refracted in eleven different experiences of the spirit.  Over here you say, “I am going to take this type of body over here and I am going to be Asian. Over there I’m going to be black, and over here I’m going to be white. Fascinating!” They are all spirits and the spirit is equal, which is the most important part about it. Are the physical bodies equal? No, of course not. Are the races even equal in many ways? No, they were never meant to be for they were intended to have different experiences of the spirit. Now you’re dealing with one of the most difficult, because you have spent so much time after being imprinted in the second dimension. It is that dimension where humans learned duality; up and down, right and wrong, love and fear, male and female. Yet all of them are connected spirits in equality.

With the 11 different yous, until recently it had been quite common for a very long time for a spirit to come in and assume the same sex in all 11 dimensions. But now you’re starting to see a wide variety of sexual expression of belief systems, of understanding of who you truly are because you’re starting to balance this inequality. Keep in mind, dear ones, no matter who you are or what your judgment of another person might be, the spirit is equal in every single one of you. There was a time we even gave the Keeper the idea of having a Spirit’s Rights Declaration, for you have had Declarations of Equal Rights on your planet over and again. Many different countries have different Declarations of Rights. We find it very beautiful, and so we gave you a Declaration of Spirit Rights so that you could declare that the spirit has a right to make choices and grow, and the right to have equal opportunities in their advancement of spirit. You did well. It imprinted everything and now you are walking into this reality.

(NOTE: The Declaration of Spirit Rights can be found on at where you can add your name if you like.)

It continued for 30, 40, even 50 years in this way, but this is how it was dealt with then all of a sudden it changed. The critical mass is due to the Family of E, and there are some fascinating things happening with that. We will tell you more of the story of the Family of E coming up, more about who you really are in your own history, as somewhat of the troubleshooters of the universe.

The Family of E: Troubleshooters of the Universe

Now the challenge is that most of the Family of E question if they’re on the right path, they wonder who they are and if they are finished. Many are still awakening and often see someone doing something over here that they would love to do. They wonder if they’re on that right path or whether they need to rebuild their whole life. Dear ones, the Family of E has already been trained for this and the work ahead is deeply engrained. Now that the Earth is transitioning, they will find themselves in the right place at the right time to do their real work. The interesting part is that they had to jump in and put on the veil of forgetfulness so that they could not re-member their connection to everyone else, and so that they could pretend to be separate from each other. Most of the E Family are very empathic, to such a degree that it’s hard for them to even live a normal life. Their empathic ability is what helps to change all of the hearts they touch. Let’s say you’ve got a person living next to you that’s holding an old belief system, standing in the way of evolution in some way. He has a right to do that, of course, for there is no right or wrong about it. You’ve come in to make a difference and yet you feel that harshness coming from your neighbor since you are so empathic. You even find it difficult to be around him sometimes because he is so rigid and so absolutely opposed to anything that you are saying or doing. You would be happy if you could just move away, but what you don’t understand is that many times you are balancing the energy in a positive way for all the others around you because of your empathic abilities. Although you may never see it, you are creating a better world for all. Most of the time this requires no specific action on your part.

Spirits in the Front of the Line

Dear ones, as you left Ηome you were placed in the front of the line. You had the highest potential of making a difference on this planet, so those who did not have the same potential that you did stepped aside to make space for you to be here right now. You see, at Home you are not burdened with the ego you must carry on Earth. Everyone wants the best to go forward every time. Many of you are in backup plans, even choosing different parents at the very last minute so that you could be here at this exact moment. Although perhaps you have not always had the support or understanding that you wanted or needed, but here you are right on time. The important part that we want you to know is that those who stepped aside for you to be here are waiting to help. You’re on the planet of free choice, so they’re not going to jump into your game or tap you on the shoulder and suddenly start channeling through you. Dear ones, they must be asked but only if you wish, because this is your game. You will now find that the veil has thinned substantially not just between your other dimensions of time and space, but also between Home and Earth and that’s very exciting. This stronger connection to Home has a lot to do with the balance of the masculine and feminine. In the months ahead, you will see evidence of the feminine power returning to take its place on Earth.

Know that you’re a chosen one. You have chosen to be here right now and we are so incredibly excited about that. You are the Family of E. So, what if you don’t know the next step? The next step is to simply take a step in any direction, for that will lead you Ηome if you follow your heart. So don’t worry about taking the wrong path or stepping in the wrong direction. Even though you know the path perfectly, many of you will step in an opposite direction just so you can have that experience. You can see something new. It’s going to be a joyous time as you take these next steps as higher vibration bodies, as the Earth transitions into its next stage. Soon you will start losing the density that has burdened you for so long.

Keep up the good work, dear ones, and know that you’re equal as spirits. Balance the masculine – feminine in your own world. Open the doors to Home and give yourself permission to receive information, then ground it as it comes in. Tell another person, write it down and figure out a way to bring it into your world more than just into your head and life. You keep looking to balance those opportunities of masculine/feminine whenever possible. You are the greatest angels that have ever lived and we are incredibly proud of you. Keep up the good work, dear ones. We leave you with three simple reminders: to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together.

I am Merlia.  Come up and see me sometime.


The group.



» Source » Channel: Steve Rother