Buddha: Does God Exist?

buddhaHow masters answer!

“God doesn’t exist”, I tell the first one. “God exists”, I tell the second one; and when the third one asks to learn about God, I close my eyes. “Does God exist?” Three answers to this question.

Beloved humans,

Anyone who seeks the presence of a master must get used to how a true master acts. A true master meets each person where they’re at.

For an atheist, someone who carelessly and arrogantly denies God’s existence, the best answer is that God exists. For a “believer”, who feels superior to everyone else and is just as arrogant, the best answer is that God doesn’t exist – and for someone who comes to me with a humble heart asking me to tell him about God, stillness and inner reflection are key. For this person any word is too much, superfluous, because God reveals himself to this person within. Be aware:

From the lips of a true master you will learn different truths!

Keep this in mind, and realize when and through what you are invited to heal your doubt and deepen your trust. Knowledge and realization are not conveyed to you through words, but through stillness and your inner self.

„The one truth“

or the one word that is true for everyone doesn’t exist on this earth. What does exist is knowledge based on wisdom, wisdom based on love, and awareness around someone who is enlightened.

The enlightened one achieves unity with God, and the one truth and God’s true existence is revealed to him.

All paths walked upon until then serve a person for overcoming deceptions and seeing through illusions.

True knowledge is revealed to those who are one with God. For only those who understand humanity know the answers to their questions.

As long as you are looking for answers out in the world and expect to hear answers from the lips of masters, God remains concealed. You won’t find a pearl in a tree, nor do desert flowers grow at the bottom of the oceans.

You need to look in the right place and in the right way. That’s what it’s all about for you now, for you were led to this message in order to avoid further detours.

The enlightened one speaks so that you become still – a word here, a hint there, until you are able to perceive God’s whisper.




» Source » Channel: Jahn Kassl

One Reply to “Buddha: Does God Exist?”

  1. Roy

    There is only one God Who created earth and everything in it…. Jesus Christ, who died and rose from death, defeating Satan and forgiving all sins of those who believe in Him.

    Buddha does not exist. He is a fraud. The lowly prince he was died over 2000 years ago so he is gone forever. Dust. You are revering dust. Jesus Christ lives forevermore, waiting for those who believe in Him. He sits beside His Father in the Kingdom of Heaven where you and I and all who believe in Him will live forevermore as well… in eternal salvation.

    God Bless You and all who need Jesus Christ as their Saviour