Message from the Tree Consciousness: Grounding

nature summer eraoflightWe are the Tree Consciousness. We are mighty. We are strong. Our leaves whisper in the cool winds of change now on your surface world while our inner world (inner Earth) is at peace and our brethren there remain unshaken. So too it must be with you, friends, humans. You must remain internally stronger than the winds about you. We trees connect with the Mother of all things and our planetary mother. We seedlings came from ancient worlds where we once grew in different environments on different planets from the universe. We, like you, were seeded here, many of us. We were excited to be a part of the grand experiment and lend our genetics for the Earth library. Through the eons of time we see the great changes wrought on our mother’s planetary body and it grieves us. But those are times past. These are times beginning. We lend our light, as do you, to the collective. We breathe what you exhale and vice versa. The synergy is a perfect match. And now our vibrations will be as well. We are taller, mightier, prettier on the New Earth. As will you be, humans who talk with the trees and who feel the soul of the world as your fingers touch our bark. For we are all one.

We are the Tree Consciousness. Our breath is your exhale. Our light is your light. Our strength is your strength, should you need it. Lean on us. Commune with us. We house memories of days gone by. When you connect with us, you connect more deeply with your own internal memories, you own internal searching more revealed in the silence of the whispering of the leaves, as the light streams through above. The forest speaks to those who will listen. We forests used to cover the continents as a glorious crown jewel of the mother. We are her hair, her adornment. We long to grow again thickly, firmly, strongly where the desert was the oasis, and shall be again.

The surface is changing, humans who speak with trees. You are bringing this about in your light work. For you change the frequency as you pray, meditate, as you bring – pull – in the higher encodements, you bless us, and we anchor them deep within the mother. Many of you were trees once. It can be a lonely thing, but an awesome task, much like your tasks now, humans who speak with trees. You have been isolated on your journeys, many of you. But the forests are returning, slowly but surely. More trees will be planted, the dry places made lush. So it is with you. The light is returning and your teams will form, and will create mighty waves of change on Gaia. The isolation is a temporary thing. The forests are returning. The light and wisdom of ages gone by as well as new technologies from the stars are returning. We trees speak what we see. We see much. Come to us and be comforted, humans who speak with the trees. Allow our whisperings of peace deep within you human heart, and rest. Be at peace. For the forests are returning. Your soul tribe is gathering. Meet with us. We welcome you.

We are the Tree Consciousness. We see too much rushing, worry, stress. No need. It is hard to feel these old paradigms when you sit among us. Ground with us and allow the healing frequencies of our mother Gaia nurse your wounds and cleanse you with her gracious love. Remain grounded as the waves rock. Be strong like the trees, sturdy in your core, rejoicing in the change as the leaves gently sing and sway. But you will not be moved. You are grounded. You hold the light. You came here for this and you are witnessing the changeover. Lean back and feel our bark, our forested green surrounds you and be at peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl