Archangel Michael: I Am Knighting You Again My Brave Ones

aa michaelIt is time to reclaim your rightful place as a leader…there is no longer any need to hide your light or pretend to be small.

Greetings my brave ones! I AM Mi-ka-el, I AM Michael, Archangel of Love and Light, Warrior of Peace, and Bringer of the Truth, your brother, your family, and your closest ally. Dear hearts, I am your friend and protector, for I am the one who promised you a long time ago that I would be by your side at all times and that I would

How Physics Gives Structure to Nature

reflections eraoflightdotcomHow do bees do it? The honeycombs in which they store their amber nectar are marvels of precision engineering, an array of prism-shaped cells with a perfectly hexagonal cross-section. The wax walls are made with a very precise thickness, the cells are gently tilted from the horizontal to prevent the viscous honey from running out, and the entire comb is aligned with the Earth’s magnetic field. Yet this structure is made without

The Next Phase of Our Ascension Process

energy updateThe consciousness codes within the DNA of the Millennials and the children have been activated and we have Ascended a quantum leap up the Spiral of Evolution. As a result of this miracle, Mother Earth has victoriously reclaimed her rightful place in our Solar System. Now, it is the responsibility of awakening Humanity to magnetize from the Heart of God the Twelve

Master Kuthumi: Changing Times and Karma

master kuthumiI greet you in the vibrational rays of Light and Oneness. I am so pleased to meet with you once more. I have asked this one to come today so I can speak to you on the matters of change and karma. As we, (the Brotherhood ) watch and observe we see the vibrational level of the planet rising. This is very encouraging for the planet and also for each of you. During your current year for many of you, much has come to fulfillment, often through struggle and adversity

Saint Germaine: The Alchemy of Life

saint germain eraoflightIt is intended to take you deeper and deeper into the works and studies of the mysteries of the universes and multiverses.

Greetings beloveds! Greetings from St. Germaine, your brother and family, your teacher and your guide in this journey of tremendous transformation of reinstating the love and the light on Planet Earth.

I come to you and I come to all that have a sincere desire to become the advanced

Message from the Angels: Freewill

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your life is filled with choices from the moment you awaken until the moment you fall asleep. You decide, for example, to open your eyes or not when your alarm rings. You decide if you will get up, get out of bed, and go to work or get to your day’s tasks. You decide what to wear, what to eat, what to think, what to say

How to Bring More Joy into Your Life and Why This is Paramount to Longevity

break free era of lightHow often do you find people turning to jealousy or envy when someone they know has good fortune? It’s actually a lot more common than you might think, especially in the workplace or among friends.

But your happiness does not need to diminish or feel threatened by the happiness of others. In fact, you can benefit from the delights