The Galactic Federation: Forward With Compassion

eraoflight federation of lightIn order to have the dream you need to vibrate the dream. Embrace all that you are as Divinity in motion for a sacred spark lives within.

We ask that you consider embrace that which you desire believing it is already your reality. For a mear shift of thinking can catapult you into a state of harmony

September New Moon 9/9/18

full moonWhat are you holding onto?

Perhaps you are holding onto the past, an idea, doubts, fears, insecurities, regrets, should haves and would haves; perhaps you are holding far too much than you can carry.

The September New Moon falls on the 9th in the sign of Virgo and asks you to put down your heavy load and enter into the world of your imagination

We Become What We Think About Most Of The Time

non-physical eraoflight“All the events that you have experienced in your lifetime, up to this moment, have been created by thoughts and beliefs you have held in the past.” A lot of what we say and think is normally quite negative. If you think about all of the things you have done wrong in the past, you are going to continue that cycle. In order to live a fulfilled life, you have to let go of resentful thoughts

The Creator Writings: On The Horizon

creator writingsCan you feel it? The Universe is letting you know that your seat-back should be in an upright position and all personal belongings securely stored. (Smiling) The shivery anticipation of something big on the horizon is starting. You have been in preparation for this part of the shift since the beginning of the year and now it is time to put those newly

Deutsche Bank’s Top Investor Selling Its Entire Stake

independent media eraoflight.comDeutsche Bank stock slumped, and European bank shares dropped to the lowest level since late 2016 after the WSJ reported that Deutsche Bank’s top investor, HNA Group – one of China’s largest conglomerates – intends to completely exit its stake in the German bank as it reverses a debt-fueled acquisition spree under pressure from Beijing

Vanadium: The Trace Mineral for Blood Sugar Regulation

herbal medicine eraoflightThe last few decades saw the scientific community examining various compounds in search of additional diabetes treatments. One such compound is the trace element vanadium. According to health experts, the trace element can be found in many food sources, and can be beneficial for bone health when taken

Master El Morya: How to Create Your Reality

el moryaCarrying forth divine blessings to you, I, Master El Morya, greet you. I am the guardian of the divine will and divine power of the Creator, it is my purpose to activate these sacred frequencies within your being to support your experience as an expression of the Creator upon the Earth. The divine will and divine power of the Creator holds the greater plan of the Creator for all and the power to bring creation into manifestation. Divine will and power are in constant action within

The End of Factory Farming?

itstime eraoflightdotcomStartup accelerator company Y Combinator—which was instrumental to the success of startups AirBnb and Dropbox—is shifting its focus to help clean-meat startups disrupt the animal agriculture industry. Y Combinator (which incubates companies in their early stages and provides funding, business tools, and networking opportunities