The Galactic Federation: Forward With Compassion

eraoflight federation of lightIn order to have the dream you need to vibrate the dream. Embrace all that you are as Divinity in motion for a sacred spark lives within.

We ask that you consider embrace that which you desire believing it is already your reality. For a mear shift of thinking can catapult you into a state of harmony.

Celebrate with deep breath as if a sweet hug surrounds your senses each morning when you awaken. As if the moment is the breeding ground to receive. Then you shall see great change inside the moment for the opportunities are endless.

The great catalyst of change is being put into action behind the scenes. These times declare the unwritten law of freedom to anchor inside all beings on earth. Feel it and begin to live as an example of the power of love and compassion. Breath deep each morning to align with the new energies so you balance and integrate.

And most importantly take the action you need during integration of these new energies so they move you into your life’s desires and you become an earth family.

What do we mean by earth family. We mean moving in peace free from illness. Moving with compassion and respect for all living beings. Living in a realm that celebrates life without war, poverty or violence. Expanding to be the multidimensional beings connected to the universe.

In order to live the dream one has to vibrate the dream with intention. Begin to be there for the many in your quest to evolve and take your place as a enlightened species with your universal family.

Humanities gateway has opened whereby all can live in harmony and freedom. It is your birthright to live in your form aligned with the galaxy. As you awaken to all your potential you begin to branch out and aim to use your love for the benefit of all. Freedom is inevitable.

Take a moment to Imagine yourself as a beacon of light and your bed is where you anchored for the night. As you leave your night sleep behind your bed post becomes the dock. Each wave of fabric is like a wave of the ocean that you carefully flatten out. Now understand as you start to move in your day you are the captain of your vessel and capable of controlling self by thoughts.

The rutter become like your steps. Your compass the heart. Your breath like wind the source for truth and balance. It all paints the picture for you to be your own grand captain.

You have the choice to stand back and just focus on the negative situation of the world OR you can choose to move on the wave to assist during this time to speak the truth and release the dark from their role. Stand up and speak love inside actions. Stand up and celebrate the potential of everyone for everyone has a gift to share.

It is time to swim in the waters of your own making. When waters are rough know it is the prelude to calmer times. The way you go through those waters is to not steer away but let yourself coast across them in breath with determination.

The best way to steer your own human vessel is to swim in the rhythms of your heartbeat for the heart is like the pulsating sun. By letting your steering wheel be that of love and compassion for all you begin the process of encouraging others to follow.

Living your truth inside love is the answer and will aid as the great changes come. There is no room for the past to repeat itself as those in power are finally being put to sleep.

Move fearlessly as humanity evolves. Move with dreams of freedom as humanity is at the doorstep of evolution to experience the grand awakening. Move as you should as Avatars of Light and love.

We the Galactic Federation bid you well and stand to serve all you need do is ask and our advice and love will shelter you.



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