House to Vote on ‘Human Trafficking’ Bill That Strengthens PATRIOT Act Spying

independent media eraoflight.comA new bill that borrows language from the PATRIOT Act promises to nab human traffickers using the same surveillance techniques that law introduced to catch terrorists and their associates. We all know how that went: The PATRIOT Act’s spying provisions—and other “War on Terror”–era crime measures—proved attractive to law enforcement far beyond their intended scope. Now, legislators like

Ashtar: On The Verge

ashtarI Am Ashtar. And as always it is a pleasure to be with you, especially in these times now. These times that we are now beginning more and more to celebrate. We’re celebrating not our involvement, but your involvement, your progress. All that you are bringing forward into these next moments that are upon you.

Many of you are beginning to have more and more sightings of those of us, those of our ships

A Message From JFK: Heart-Based World

thebluerayMy dearest truth Patriots… Patriots, what a wonderful word…what a stirring word…what a meaningful word. You are all Patriots in my eyes. You have continued the work which I helped to start way back in the day.

There is so much happening at this time in your world, or should I say in our world, that it is hard to know in which direction to look

Congressman Exposes Gov’t Using “Human Trafficking” Act to Warrantlessly Spy on Innocent Citizens

realnews source eraoflightThe United States House of Representatives is preparing to vote on a bill that looks like legislation that focuses on combating human trafficking on the surface—but some liberty-minded lawmakers are warning that the bill is using language from the PATRIOT Act to increase unconstitutional government spying.

The Empowering Financial Institutions to Fight Human Trafficking Act of

Universal Mother: We Are Creating This Life Story Together

light spiral gate eraoflightI am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. I see you children. I know you. I love you. I am that I am just as you are that you are. We are one. I see you tonight shining brightly like the stars in the universe, for in truth you are all little universes of vast potential of light, of fire, of passion, of pain experienced and healed and lessons remembered. It is true that you are much much greater than you

The Creators: Create Yourself Anew

elohim beings“Forget everything that you think you know for one moment. Let go. Let go of what you think is going to happen next. Let go of what happened yesterday. Let go of what it is you usually think about when you look at something or someone. In other words, let yourselves become new in one moment in time. Allow yourself that freedom. Allow yourself to simply be for one, single, solitary moment and see how you feel in that moment. Can you shift how you feel about

How the Shamanic Medicine Iboga Can Resolve and Heal Childhood Trauma

mother nature is the cure eraoflightImagine being able to go back in time to relive those experiences from your childhood which have had the greatest impact on your life. Imagine being able to witness yourself as a child, but from the perspective of yourself today, looking at traumatic events with the understanding and compassion of an adult

Hostess of Light: We Are All Being Recalibrated

creator writings eraoflightHey Ya’ll, so sorry I am running late on this issue, it took a while to integrate the Denver, Colorado energies when I was up there buying stones. The crystal vibration amplified all that was Denver to the Nth degree. Wholly molly! Denver took my blood and almost me. It was too much energy for me to hold on my own. As I get older I find that