The Creators: Create Yourself Anew

elohim beings“Forget everything that you think you know for one moment. Let go. Let go of what you think is going to happen next. Let go of what happened yesterday. Let go of what it is you usually think about when you look at something or someone. In other words, let yourselves become new in one moment in time. Allow yourself that freedom. Allow yourself to simply be for one, single, solitary moment and see how you feel in that moment. Can you shift how you feel about your life by removing all preconceived notions about where it is you are, where it is you are headed, where it is you have been? How does this change everything? We suggest that you do this at a time when there really isn’t much going on, when you have some of your downtime, your free time, as you call it. Interesting how you put things. When you are in one of these moments, simply let go of all that you normally do, think, and say, and exist purely in that moment as a new creation of yourself and of Source.

Be willing to cut all ties to all individuals, to all concepts and expectations and let yourself go into a state of automatic pilot. See where this exercise takes you. You may be surprised at who it is you are now, now that you can let go of who it is you have attached your idea of self to. Do not over-think this process because this process is about not thinking and it is about being. But it is about being while still doing in your world. It is not just a meditative exercise. It is an exercise in living.

And as you look upon your world with eyes that are new and with zero expectations, zero preconceived notions, zero judgments, you will see that it is a pretty wonderful place to be and you are a pretty wonderful being.”



» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton