Goddess of Creation: Love Creates Balance

light spiral gate eraoflightOh the love in this channel!!! We have heard for so many years that we are moving through a huge transformation upon the earth; some say it has been a completion of three eons.  Not only is this transformation taking place on all levels the old vibration of control and manipulation is being replaced by love. While people know this on many levels there is still a great deal in the world

Archangel Michael: Healing Separation of the Physical and Spiritual Reality

aa michaelIn my communication with you today, I, Archangel Michael wish to share with you tools from the Angelic Realm and my own energy to gift to you adding your ascension and empowering your current journey upon the Earth. The tools, techniques, and practices I wish to share with you are focused upon enhancing your spiritual and physical journey upon the Earth, while recognising that both are the same. Your spiritual and physical journey are synthesised, they do not exist separately and should not be

eM and Merlia: Beacons of Light September 2018; The Sexual Healing of Mankind

angelic beingsGreetings, dear ones.

I am eM, and I join you this day with a very special intent. As you may know, I am a balanced entity. I do not have to separate into masculine or feminine. On this side of the veil no one does, but as I present myself in your world I do so as a balanced masculine and feminine entity. I bring that up today because we wish to speak about sexuality on your planet. What is sexuality