Astrology for September 2018

new astrology eraoflightRUNE OF THE MONTH:  Ansuz “Signals, the messenger”. A reminder to be impeccable in our thoughts and words as they create our reality and impact others as well as the world around us. We are also required to pay attention to both the obvious and the subtle messages we receive on a constant basis that validate or invalidate the choices we are making. Our understanding of our path is deepened by walking from

7000 Souls Recall Their ‘Life’ Between Lives During Regression Hypnosis, The Similarities Are Astounding

awaken now eraoflightdotcomCertified Master Hypnotherapist Michael Newton developed a technique to regress his clients back in time to recall memories from their past lives. During this process he stumbled upon a discovery of enormous proportions. He was able to bring the souls back to the place where they go before their next life — a life between lives. Out of 7,000 regressions, a large majority had eerily similar

Archangel Michael: Your Connection to Your Holy Mental Self

archangel michael eraoflightBeloved masters, as you move forward on the path of en-Lighten-ment, and you come to a better understanding of cosmic law and the workings of the universe, we welcome the opportunity to occasionally give you a better understanding of some of the concepts of Creation and the complexity of the physical vessel.

Therefore, we would like to give you an in-depth explanation of the composition of the Etheric

Message from the Tree Consciousness: Grounding

nature summer eraoflightWe are the Tree Consciousness. We are mighty. We are strong. Our leaves whisper in the cool winds of change now on your surface world while our inner world (inner Earth) is at peace and our brethren there remain unshaken. So too it must be with you, friends, humans. You must remain internally stronger than the winds about you. We trees connect with the Mother of all things and our planetary

Lord Melchizedek: Accessing What You Need Now

lord melchizedekGreetings, I am Lord Melchizedek, the overseer and Logos of the Universal Level. It is my purpose as an Ascended Master, a source of the Melchizedek consciousness and as a Christed Being to bring forth a sacred message to you at this most powerful time of your ascension. The energies anchoring at this time support openness, connection, empowerment, love and accessing your genuine self. This means that your ability to communicate with the Inner Planes is heightened and your