The Angels: Trust Yourself

angel messageMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

In a world with many truths, it is important to examine the questions, “How do you know when to trust?” “Whom do you trust?” This is especially true now that you have access to such a wealth of information and opinions on your Internet social media.

You all want to trust and yet many of you are wary, because you’ve had that trust betrayed. So how do you stay open to life, open to other human beings, open to hearing the many perspectives, and still honoring of your own beautiful hearts?

The answer dear ones, is to trust yourself, for the voice and energy of the Divine that rises up within you will never give you unloving information or guidance. As we discussed last week, this guidance is always given in the present moment, about the present moment.

There is only one authoritative Source in the universe – one who knows all hearts, all perspectives, and all truths. This is the Source that dwells within you and speaks to you –  in each moment –  through your heart and your feelings. This is the one who nudges you when you see behaviors that don’t quite work and says to you, “Beware, this person isn’t consistently caring, kind, or honest.” This is the source that makes you feel relaxed and at ease when something or someone is good for you and either sick or tense when they are not.

This is the Source that will always tell you what and whom can be trusted in each moment.

So when you decide to trust someone do so because your entire body feels relaxed around them, because they behave consistently, because you feel in your heart of hearts that they and their words resonate with you. If suddenly, someone you’ve previously trusted no longer feels this way in your body and being, then take note dear ones, that perhaps things have shifted. Trust your own inner knowing and feelings. Trust the energy you feel. Trust your own heart.

One exception would be this – Don’t trust your fears! Trust only those feelings that arise somewhat neutrally for they are the waves of your guidance. Fear is simply fear.

Never give anyone or anything the doubt over and above your very own feelings. What is right for another may not be right for you. What is true for another may not be true for you. Trust your inner being in each moment, dear ones, for this is the Voice that will never betray you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels



» Source » Channel: Ann Albers