El Morya: Love Has Won

el moryaNova Earth and the new Kingdom of Heaven has been definitely and permanently anchored on Planet Earth…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Good morning dearest hearts! I AM El Morya, I am your brother greeting you on this glorious day! Yes, I am Chohan of the first blue Ray of the Divine Will. I am here to bring the Father’s Will to restore the light

Five Stories Nobody Is Talking About as the Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Unfolds

eol independent newsThe media, Congress, and the American people continue to fix to their attention on Brett Kavanaugh and today’s hearings regarding allegations of sexual assault and harassment against him. While these are serious issues and should not be taken lightly, there are numerous other developments that are falling by the wayside as the national conversation remains

Archangel Uriel: The End of the Journey is a New Beginning

aa uriel eraoflightFor those of you who ask when does the ascension cycle end, when is the end of the journey, you must know that this is a journey without end. The process of ascension into higher states of being, dimension, frequency, awareness, and vibration is one that has been present since the first dawn of light in the universe, and it continues throughout the universe without end. But the suffering that has accompanied your journey can end when you look

The Council: In Answer to Some Questions

ascended beingsToday we will answer some of the questions that you have asked. We very much appreciate those who follow these messages. Some of your questions are very insightful. Many of them can be grouped around certain topics. We will pick and choose. We can do that, as we see the effects of the answers and we do have an agenda. Your growth is our agenda. Most of you align with that. Let’s just jump in, shall we? Here is an easy one to start with. One of

How Swimming In Cold Water Could Offer An Alternative To Strong Painkillers

listen to your body eraoflightWould you believe that swimming in cold water can be just as effective as strong painkillers? Sometimes it really is that simple, and we can use the environment around us to help to cure what ails us. Cold therapy is a relatively new trend that has been gaining traction, in large part due to Wim Hof, or more commonly known as the Ice Man, who has publicly sustained long periods in freezing temperatures

Archangel Michae: Reasons for Delay in GCR/RV Release

aa michaelI have regular channelled sessions with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon and although neither the channel nor the entities channelled give ‘dates’, I do get regular updates from Michael on the overall progress of the GCR/RV.

My most recent session with Michael was on Saturday, September 15th, and as usual we discussed the GCR/RV situation. He was very clear and

US Has to Come to Terms With its Place in the World

freemedia eraoflightdotcomTrump’s threats of war, sanctions and promises to make America great again could be dismissed as the ranting of an eccentric politician. But this isn’t all about Trump. What he advocates is representative of much of the US elite. The president and his generation of Americans grew up in a world where the USA was the greatest