Message from P’taah: Fear is Never about the Moment

creator writings eraoflightQ: I seem to be a bit down at the moment, P’taah, so I would like your advice on a few things.

P’taah: All right. You know, beloved, it is to your benefit if you would allow some time each day to be in the stillness, to touch that place within you that does not know fear. You understand?

What occurs for most of you is that in the busi-ness of everyday life, you become caught up in the stories of success, of having to accomplish certain things by a certain time. You then are in fear that you will not succeed in this undertaking of whatever is your business and so you put your own greater beingness on hold. You say, “Well I do not have time today but tomorrow I will be still to nurture myself, to remind myself who I really am.” And that is quite valid, except what occurs is you get a drop in your energy and you get caught up in the stories of success and failure and then unfortunately focus on the failure side of it and so get further and further off-center and the heart closes down. Does that make sense for you?

Q: Yes.

P’taah: All right. So we would say, the first thing to assist you would be to really make time each day to touch that heart center. One of the things that assists you in this is by beginning that quiet time by saying ‘Thank You.’

And the other thing is not to look on this as a discipline, not to look at this as something that you MUST do. But rather to have it as something that you would look forward to each day. So it does not matter what time of day but that you would set aside a little time. Preferably for your benefit, it would be a time before you become caught up in the stress, hmm?

Q: Absolutely.

P’taah: Give your heart a little time, beloved, to open. Also, we remind you about FUN.

Q: Yes, but the thing is, every time that I think, “This is fun,” the next thing that I think is, “Oh dear, I have to create so and so much money. And it is honestly very very difficult not to fall into the worries about the money, especially since it seems so overwhelming.

P’taah: We understand, beloved. But to fall back into the fear is to compound the stress. You know, the fear grows exponentially. The more you worry, the more it is and the more it is, the more you worry. Actually a little bit like love, hmm?

Q: That is true. But I always have the feeling if I want to embrace the fear, then I’ve really got to believe it. And then I try and – I know that this is really stupid – I try and think fearful thoughts, or really really think about my problems and so I can face the fear and embrace it. This is really stupid, isn’t it?

P’taah: Well, it is. We have said very often, it is not to try and induce anything really, love or fear, but to allow whatever it IS simply to manifest that you may be in the moment. There is no need to struggle to get to a place where you think you CAN be in the moment.

So, we would say, in terms of that ‘fear-business’ to say, “Sometimes I become afraid, and that is all right. And in that moment I will deal with it. In the meantime I will have lots of fun.

Q: Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.

P’taah: Living NOW, beloved. You see, the truth is that the fear is never about the moment, is it? It is always a projection into the future. So bring yourself back into the present moment and say, “How is it for me right in this moment? What am I lacking?” And the truth is, nothing. And in a way, you know all of this. However it is our joy to remind you.

Q: It is also my joy to be reminded by you.

P’taah: I know, beloved. And so you can just initiate communication to talk about the joys in your life and not really talk about the fears and still we would have that loving communication.

Q: Yes.

P’taah: We are teasing you.

Q: Oh, we could talk about love because I enjoy that very much, and I enjoy my relationship very much. And this is something that I would not have thought about a few years ago, that this would happen to me.

P’taah: And how have you created it, beloved?

Q: By actually forgetting it. By not worrying.

P’taah: Indeed. By being open to love, and by being in the moment and in the fullness of the love to your beloved.

Q: Yes, that is true. Hmm, there is much to think about now.

P’taah: And that is another thing to say thank you for. Say ‘thank you’ to who you are for having created such fullness, because, beloved, you are such a powerful creator.

Q: I am indeed!

P’taah: And when you look back over these last years and see how you have moved, then this is very exciting. And of course, when you get caught up in the fear, you forget what you have accomplished. Forget how wondrous is the creation that you have wrought. You do not have to focus on the fear about tomorrow. Remind yourself that you create tomorrow out of the beingness today so you can then create the tomorrows that you desire.

Q: That sounds more like it. So the whole money thing, which is the main thing right now, is simply not to worry about, or if I worry, to embrace the fear, and otherwise be in the Now.

P’taah: Indeed, indeed. After all, beloved, it is not that you do not have food for your mouth. It is not that you are out in the snow.

Q: Thank god, no.

P’taah: So it is to look at what you really DO have and say most heartfelt ‘Thank you.’ Also, beloved, you may look at ways that you may manifest a little flow of money through service, through sharing the knowledge and the knowing that you have. This is only a suggestion for you to look at in a way that you may be creative. Indeed, the truth is that you have much knowing and much experience in transformation, in growing, you see? So that is a game for you to contemplate.

Q: Sounds like a nice game.

P’taah: But this would suit you very well, we would say.

Q: Thank you, P’taah!



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