September Multi-Dimensional Energy Report/Overview: Systemic Reconfigurations Begin

thebluerayThese new/next sets of Light Codes with this current Cosmic Re-Configurations Release that are about to increase/begin (they started yesterday), yet we’ve not started the “POWER” OF THE LIGHT BLASTING yet… thus far they are quiet, soft and working on a cellular level already, still preparing for the “massiveness” still to come forth… These work through depth and overall…. to synchronize our Systems, the Systems, all Systems in all new ways

The Arcturian Group: Open to Deeper Awareness

arcturiansGreetings from the Arcturian Group. We are a collective of evolved Arcturian Beings of Light who have chosen to work with the people of earth at this powerful time of ascension energy by assisting all ready and willing to move beyond the third dimension and into a consciousness that no longer embraces duality and separation.

We are love and easily

August Aftermath and September Equinox: The SOL Embodiment Energies

light pyramid eraoflightBeloveds,

How is everyone doing? Or shall I say, going and moving? For that is what’s happening for sure. We are moving constantly right now on different levels. The level which is most demanding right now is our physical and emotional level. I am sure I am not exaggerating when I say that we haven’t been so conscious of our physical body than in this moment

Mother Mary: Sacred Union

m maryGreetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, the Blessed Mother. My son is here as well. We say to you at this time, that it is of grave importance for you now to begin once again to infuse the energy of the Sacred Feminine within your own heart chamber. This is a very important time upon the planet, for it is of grave importance that all souls now begin to activate the Sacred Feminine within their heart chamber

12 Alternative Treatments For Arthritis Kill The Pain Relieve Inflammation

lyb eraoflightArthritis is a common condition that causes pain and swelling of the joints and gradual loss of mobility over time. There are many different types of arthritis that can be caused by a variety of triggers including auto-immune diseases, heredity and obesity. Each type of arthritis has its own unique set of symptoms.

Many people rely on

Archangel Uriel: Patience and Impatience

aa urielPatience is very much tied in with seeing and comprehending the truth and it is closely related with your Divine Knowing.

Greetings dearest Ones! I AM Archangel Uriel, your family and beloved brother, I am your gentle guide into your brilliant future, I am your companion always.

I am here to speak to you about patience and impatience. There are times when you