Archangel Uriel: Patience and Impatience

aa urielPatience is very much tied in with seeing and comprehending the truth and it is closely related with your Divine Knowing.

Greetings dearest Ones! I AM Archangel Uriel, your family and beloved brother, I am your gentle guide into your brilliant future, I am your companion always.

I am here to speak to you about patience and impatience. There are times when you have certain expectations about how future events should come into form and fruition within a rigid time frame set by you. And when it doesn’t happen as you had hoped, you become frustrated and saddened by your inability to understand why and how things work.

Your patience is being tested, but you do need to know that patience is very much tied in with seeing and comprehending the truth, it is closely related with that Divine Knowing that you possess in abundance. When you align with your Knowing, then the patience expands and the peace enfolds you.

There are some blockages and debris that may need to be removed and there are times when a certain outcome is interwoven with and dependent upon other soul families’ cooperation becoming aligned with your vibration and with the vibration of the entire project. Sometimes you need to wait to allow others to see and learn their own personal lessons, so just because you believe that you know what would be the best course of action doesn’t mean that everyone is going to be ready to move forward as quickly as you.

Sending love and encouragement, working with every soul involved within your heart’s sacred sanctuary, and communing with their higher selves is, as you know, a better approach because it respects the free will of others.

Going faster and doing more is not always the best approach. Therefore, when you surrender into accepting the way things are at this moment in your life as being the perfect catalyst for your graceful evolution, then you are maintaining yourselves in joy and in highest vibration possible.

Being patient and accepting where others find themselves at this time in their journey is a mature decision, and you know by how it feels at the cellular level that this is the way to go.

Your ego and old self wants you to intervene and try to control from the energetic level, sometimes pushing you into a confrontational discussion, but you can see that the best course of action would be to accept and surrender to the Divine Will and Wisdom.

The Mother would never intervene by forcing and coercing you to make any decision that would have you bypass lessons and growth opportunities for the sake of making things easier and faster.

Dear hearts, you know that there are different levels to your knowing, and when you are not heart listening as deeply as you could, you are not really getting the full picture of a certain situation. But just because you are ready to hear the deeper truth, your higher selves and guides, in order to bypass your ego’s attempt to intervene, will come and bring you additional information during sleep and through dreams just as you awaken, or would have you read a channeling or a certain article with encoded messages.

It is up to you to extract and interpret the messages, and then to listen to your feelings and change course and direction if necessary. Whenever you step up and move further along on your journey, the assistance you are receiving from us – your loved ones in the higher realms – becomes a little more puzzling for you, but we are full of smiles and we trust in your ability to tune into your own wisdom to see the truth.

You have the Silver Flame of Truth and every other possible tool to unlock doors and navigate through every realm and dimension that exists. Use them dear hearts, and have fun in your adventures and multidimensional explorations!

I am here with you and I close this message leaving you with my love and sparkles of silver light. Farewell!



» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle