Attorney For Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Was A Fundraiser For The Hillary Clinton Campaign

altnews eraoflightThe more we learn about the woman who has accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh, POTUS Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee, of sexual assault 36 years ago the more it becomes plain this is all a Democratic-run operation to delay or derail the confirmation of an imminently qualified jurist.

For a woman who initially claimed – if we’re to believe Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif

Saint Germain: RV/GESARA Report

st germainPrelude: Yes dear heart, I am here and just waiting for you to get settled. I’ve been thinking about what message I would like to give the Lightworkers of Earth today and here it is, in a nuthshell.

In your seats, your point of view, you may not see that anything is occurring all these days and nights that you wait on the edge of your seat for news to come

Saint Germain: A New Experience

saint germain eraoflightI am here today to tell you about a coming time in your lives. It is a time for you all to come to the conclusion that you have given of yourselves in various ways in which you have not only followed your hearts but have followed your inner knowing as well. I am St. Germain, and I am here speaking through this one because she has been giving me the outcome of what she is learning in her times of the past few years. She is taking the time now to explore her own inner

A Vitamin Within the B-Complex That’s Vital for Neurological and Mental Health

doyouknowwhatyouputinyourbody eraoflightMost who are knowledgeable with supplements know the importance of vitamin B12 for preventing and reversing negative neurological maladies. But recent research has uncovered the more obscure B1 (thiamine) vitamin deficiency can result in brain damage, neurological conditions, terrible mental states, coma, and death. It’s important to understand that although high dose B1 or B12

Marijuana a Possible Treatment for AutoImmune Disorders like MS, Arthritis, and Type 1 Diabetes

cannabis cures eraoflightAuto-immune disorders occur when the body’s immune system turns on itself, attacking healthy cells as if they were dangerous invaders. These conditions are usually chronic and can significantly impact the quality of life for people who suffer with them. So what’s a solution? One recent study indicates tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active component in marijuana, could