Saint Germain: RV/GESARA Report

st germainPrelude: Yes dear heart, I am here and just waiting for you to get settled. I’ve been thinking about what message I would like to give the Lightworkers of Earth today and here it is, in a nuthshell.

In your seats, your point of view, you may not see that anything is occurring all these days and nights that you wait on the edge of your seat for news to come forth that the RV has been released. You await anxiously for the good news because you were told that it would come. Time and time again you were told this.

This is the clue, dear hearts. TIME. Time changes all things. Time is a no-thing anywhere else except here on Gaia. Time spins around, time floats and time drags. For when you are engaged in something lovely, time flies, does it not? So, those loooonnnnggg moments of waiting for the RV are therefore expanding outwards and into infinity.

So, what to do? Do you try not to get too excited when predictions are made and you are told ‘this is it!’ ?? This one tries that and I must say it doesn’t work very well. For, she has been disappointed many times.

I say, NO, look beyond the time of the exchange or redemption appointment! Look beyond and see yourselves in your new lives where your days are filled with joyful interactions with other Human Angels focused on their Humanitarian Projects. You are in this moment, this light-filled exciting time when you are actually fulfilling your life’s mission. You are hiring people to help you run your projects, finding the perfect place to establish your headquarters; or, finding people to donate your blessings to. Whatever you imagine yourself doing, see it now. Envision it NOW. Will you be moving to a new home? What does it look like? Will you be traveling for enjoyment? Visiting family? Taking that long needed vacation? Learning to fly or ride a horse?

The point is, you are there in your mind. You have lost the immediate worry and anxiety of whether or night tonight is the night you will be called in for your exchange. Your mind is busy creating your future and all the blessings that it can imagine.

You can see the first people that your donations will help. The sheer incredulity on their faces. The relief that spreads across their eyebrows when they realize for the first split second that they don’t have to worry about their mortgage or utilities bills anymore.

Go further, see all the sick and elderly people that the medbeds will heal. See the long withheld inventions that will now be shared with the world. The cleanup of the rivers, oceans and landfills. All the possible good that you can see, SEE IT NOW dear hearts!

See what FREEDOM will do to people’s lives. Create it now.

See community gardens where fresh fruits and vegetables are grown and shared. You get it, you know what I’m trying to do here!! The closer you can get to these feelings of immense gratitude and joy, the sooner you will bring them to yourselves and everyone else.

Yes, creative visualization is what I’m talking about. It works! For as you see your desired future, your feelings increase your vibration and you project these images to the Universe. You literally will draw them into you.

Last night I spoke to you about joining together and sending out love vibrations to everyONE. Tonight, you may focus on your visions of the New Earth and share these images with your Lightworker friends. Telepathically, of course. Or, online or on the phone if you’d rather. However you share them, please do so. Collaborate with each other. Get excited about working together! These exchanges are very powerful. Ideas start popping out of thin air into your brains. Take notes, lots of notes when ideas strike you in this manner. These are indeed Divinely inspired! It is miraculous to watch and even more fun to participate in.

So, anytime you need a break from the constant waiting for something to happen with the RV/GCR; get busy and create your New Earth with your minds. I guarantee the time will go faster and you will be refreshed and invigorated.

I AM your St. Germain and I wish you many blessings. Thank you all for your service.

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» Source » Channel: Dancing Dolphin