Saint Germain: A New Experience

saint germain eraoflightI am here today to tell you about a coming time in your lives. It is a time for you all to come to the conclusion that you have given of yourselves in various ways in which you have not only followed your hearts but have followed your inner knowing as well. I am St. Germain, and I am here speaking through this one because she has been giving me the outcome of what she is learning in her times of the past few years. She is taking the time now to explore her own inner knowing and how she is allowing the cleansing of what could hold her back in these times that are just around the corner.

I am going to take a few moments to give you an example of what you can do to follow in your own footsteps and take the high road to the clearing of what has been transpiring in your lives in the recent times. It is a long road that has been transpiring in so many ways that you may not even realize what you have gained in the times that have been carrying so many loads of stress. As well you see at the same time so many times of the release of the old factions of what you remember as being the road that you have traveled in order to give you the knowledge of what has been valuable in your lives. It is also bringing the stress to a point of being able to clear you of what has been holding you back from the new times that are upon you now.

Here is one example of what you are in the process of experiencing now. It is a value of being able to see what is taking place in your lives that is not always bringing you pleasure, but feels like it is a necessary step in being able to clear yourself of the old ways of living that have been so confusing in the reception of what was brought to your lives that you haven’t understood the reason for. It is all for the reasons of being able to see what has been taking place all around the globe, and as well in your own life. As you see the closure of this connection you are also seeing the beginnings of the clear way to live your life in the moment and for always, and even in the representation of sending love to all of life around the globe, as well as out into this universe and others as well.

I have lots of experience in my life, round and round, over and above, below and in between, in being able to bring myself to the understanding in which I have been able to be here with you in this time of closure of the old, and the wondrous opening of the new way of being who we truly are. We are all in the process of taking the steps to show what we have learned.  We can see why we have chosen the fields of daisies, and all the flowers, grasses, trees, etc. of the wonder of the earth itself to produce the beauty and expressive ability to act in the uniqueness of each and every way of living that is with us and in the beauty of sharing with all of existence. We are now in the fields of retrieving the oneness that we all are, and being able to forgive anything that does not resonate with us, and choose to go on with what we see is our own unique way of sending that Love to all of life.

I have come and spoken through this one today for she has been trying to find the way to go forward in the sharing with you that she has been doing for so many years now. She has felt the standstill for what I see to be a short time and is now reaching out to express what it is that she has been experiencing in the way that she feels is her new way of doing so. As I am seeing right now she is beginning to realize that any way that she feels to do so, is the way that the moment creates with her Love for you all at the root of it. As you all are feeling, it is part of what is taking place all around the globe and within it as well.

Yes, within this earth there is also some clearing taking place and as it is doing so, it is spreading forth through the land and out into the open. There it joins what is being released on the surface, and is being let loose in the grandeur of Love, Peace and the Joy in the freedom of the wondrous examples that are coming forth as the whole planet is being cleared of the old ways of living without the freedom that has been in place. As I speak, it is being brought forth in this, and every moment, for all of you to recognize and spring forth into as your everyday way of life, in your own individual way of doing so. You all add to the beauty of this planet and beyond in your expression of what you are feeling that is being released in the freedom that you find feels so good.

I leave you now in this message and I already feel so many of you not only are feeling, but becoming inspired to move forward in the energy that is upon you in the Love, Peace and Joy of the freedom you are receiving in every moment. I love being with you all and seeing and feeling what you are experiencing right now. Spring forth, and dance through the days in the music of the freedom in which you are right now and forever. I Love you all!

Thank you so much dear St, Germain!


Nancy Tate.



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