Archangel Uriel: God is Our Light

aa uriel eraoflight.jpgLET THERE BE LIGHT!

This world plagued by darkness has become bright. Let there be light! Light pervades everything that is alive – to praise God and to honor all life.


God is our light, and I am coming to you to bring this truth to you.

Beloved human,

divine light makes life possible. Without God’s light there is no life. All worlds and all beings are connected and unified by the divine light.

Inseparably and indivisibly we are all part of God, and the greater our consciousness, the bigger this part becomes, until ultimately we fully merge into God. Then we are no longer a part of the whole but the whole itself – and any separation is abolished.

It is time now that you remember this. It is time to perceive God’s light in everything that is, and time to see God’s light even in deepest darkness.

The miracle of life is revealed to you as soon as you perceive the light that is inherent in every being.

Because wherever there is a soul, God operates, and wherever there are human beings, light operates – otherwise there would be no life.

Now that there’s a conflict in this world between different vibrational fields, it is of tremendous importance that humans who are good stay good. It is essential to not get infected by dark, malignant and negative phenomena.


The point is to courageously continue to walk the path of light and to not stray from the path of love. It is essential to truly understand today’s events on earth and to put them in the right context.

When an entire world is changing, it is essential for the individual to stay oriented, because the same way each positive revelation strengthens faith, each negative discharge may stir up doubt.

It is essential now to remain centered and oriented – and you can achieve this through a deep inner connection and clear perception of what is.


The awareness that you are light and that every soulful life is light, enables you to stay centered even during the most difficult times and keeps you from being deceived by evil or darkness.

Warriors of light are now facing the challenge of upholding their frequency of light. Even when the world collapses over your head, light shall rule your hearts and true peace shall be in your hearts.

So make sure that you counteract the storms of time with your own high frequency. Don’t get dragged down into darkness, but stay alert. Detect anything that tries to weaken you and to make you to stray from the right path.

Inner security, inner self-confidence and inner certainty are achieved by directing as much attention inwards as you do outwards. Anyone who takes equal care of soul and body doesn’t experience any impurities.

Daily cleansing and energy work is of the utmost importance now, because humans who hold their high frequency remain untouched by all current negative influences.

In order to navigate safely through these times, you need to dedicate yourself to working on increasing your awareness every day. That is the only way to get closer to God and closer to yourself. Gradually, all separation is lifted and the unity of all life is perceived.

From this perspective it is possible to take the right and luminous action. Anyone who stays clean inside cannot be polluted by an outer phenomenon.

God is my light and God is your light!

We are all one. This reality lifts you up and beyond all low vibrational fields. I am with you. ARCHANGEL URIEL.


» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl