August Aftermath and September Equinox: The SOL Embodiment Energies

light pyramid eraoflightBeloveds,

How is everyone doing? Or shall I say, going and moving? For that is what’s happening for sure. We are moving constantly right now on different levels. The level which is most demanding right now is our physical and emotional level. I am sure I am not exaggerating when I say that we haven’t been so conscious of our physical body than in this moment right now.

We are much more aware of our breathing, of our heart beating and of our physical strength. All of these are parameters, telling us what is going on and when not to engage. Listen to these parameters as it is important to not ignore them. These are direct communications with you from a much higher level; these are only delivered on a physical level so that you can be aware of what is going on. How else to deliver on the physical level than through our physical body itself?!

The physical is always the last as they say. And rightly so!

Remember back in 2011-2012? The big event of Ascension, the marker and so much more? Well, if you go back to that moment and relive your hopes and your dreams that you have been sending out to the Universe… Was the request of physical ascension not part of it? Was transforming your physical body into a light body not part of it? Were re-embodying Spirit and Higher Self not part of it? YES, I believe so.

Well, we are receiving what we have been sending out to be manifested in this realm… on a physical level since we are experiencing a physical realm.

It is hard, it is demanding and so exhausting. But remind yourself every time that the physical is the last and the lowest part of our Being – as seen from a vibrational point of view – and thus it requires the most time and it implies the most intense process.

It is a complex process and there is much more at play behind the scenes that we are not aware of yet. And it is not necessary to be aware of everything, let us be clear about that. We need to be aware of ourselves and we are dealing with a process, that is all for the moment. As we move along it, not through it, we get to know and we become aware of much more. Moving along with it provides insight and awareness as we are in the same line with the process vibrationally. This brings growth and potential!

Moving through it implies an endurance of tolerance but therefore not being in the same line. Resistance lies here to some level because the mind says: okay let’s just get through it as if it is a task, a burden, something that has power over you. As if you have no choice than to just do it.

Realizing the difference is key here to how you experience this physical process.

Lion’s gate:

The intensity of this Gateway has been the most intense – by far.

As we entered the emotional cleansing and healing cycle since the first eclipse on July 13th, 2018 and the second eclipse on July 27-28th, 2018: the Lion’s gate brought up the deepest fears and emotions ever – so far. What made this superb is that it is not only the deepest level brought up so far, but also in the way it was shown to us.

The intensity behind this arising was powerful! It brought up things you could not even imagine that were still a part of your soul, yet obviously they still are a part of you and that is why it is shown to you. So that you are aware that there still lies a level of it in your emotional field.

Surprise surprise! But an emotional one for sure.

I, personally experienced this gate to be the most difficult one. Feeling blissful and so happy, and out of the blue – very sudden and unexpected – I started to cry my eyes out as if I experienced a deep loss of someone I love. No idea where this came from or what triggered it but it came out like lava out of a volcano. One day and it was over.

What a great way to release and review again. Such a liberating feeling.

On top of that physically we have been integrating different codes from different Dimensions. This time it was not only from the Star or our Great Central Sun Sirius, but also from a few other stars and planets which have the potential of becoming a Sun soon.

The arrival of higher frequencies and species on a Solar level on these Star realms and Planetary realms have activated these Stars and Planets to become a part of our Planetary ascension. This means because of their ascension and higher embodiment, we are now being assisted by multiple new dimensions, worlds, planets and stars. New Suns will be born and discovered.

So we have been receiving much more than we can handle as it seems.. At least this is how we experience it on a physical level. On a Solar level, we have been birthing ourselves more into this realm of existence and so we are embodying a higher form of the Solar Light. It is a great deal we are doing here, do not underestimate what we are performing on a cellular level. There lies great potential here, even though we might not see this yet in our daily experience.

Be faithful and patient, it is in the making and you are the makers of it. All depends on yourself of course, in what way and how much of it will make its way to you in your Earthly realm. Keep your eyes and heart open. And I mean not the fixed eyes but the transparent and flexible eye 😉

The August Eclipse brought additional emotional cleansing, as it lies in the line of this cycle.

September equinox

As usual the September equinox entails much potential as it births new creations and delivers new seeds to create.

But now, being in a Higher alignment with the Solar energies, what you seed as creations and potential will be solely delivered to you at a quicker pace IF and WHEN you are conscious of your Solar awareness and Solar body form. In other words, it is time to start teaching yourself what it is to be a Solar embodiment and to make creations from the SOL power.

This is a power greater than what you have been creating from so far. More inner trust and self reliance are recommended here. It has to come from YOU from now on, to make use of your own power and your own creativity. To build something from your energy and to make your own creation. That is birthing the Solar energy into this world.

The planetary level is to create and to deliver from the power and the energy of what is present. To make use of these forces that are present and make something of it, adding a bit of yourself and your energy to it. The Solar level is to make it on your own and from yourself as an energy. SOL is you, yourself , ITSELF. You are not making something out of another’s creation, out of what is present on Earth or from an already existing energy force. You will make it, create it yourself anew from your own energy BEING and you will deliver this all yourself.

This is something to look forward to. Imagine the force behind this SOLAR consciousness. Just in awe when experiencing it as I write this down. What a power!!!!

May this day be the greatest one ever, to be continued in the Eternal Now.


Méline <3

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