The Council: In Answer to Some Questions

ascended beingsToday we will answer some of the questions that you have asked. We very much appreciate those who follow these messages. Some of your questions are very insightful. Many of them can be grouped around certain topics. We will pick and choose. We can do that, as we see the effects of the answers and we do have an agenda. Your growth is our agenda. Most of you align with that. Let’s just jump in, shall we? Here is an easy one to start with. One of you has asked about ley lines, magnetic lines, spirit lines.

To begin with, please understand that your planet is a living being. You are not, in your ‘modern’ cultures, used to thinking in those terms. But we assure you that it is so. Everything is living. Everything is conscious. Everything.

Older cultures, those poor, backward, primitive people – no, we don’t think that way, you do – understood this very well. But over the last thousand years or so, your ‘science’ has led you down the garden path, so to speak. Earth is alive. You have meridians. Earth has ley lines. You have chakras. Earth has vortices. The same is true for every planet, every living thing. And every thing is a living thing. Good question. Thank you.

Here is a question we love. “I have been trying for years to connect to my own guidance. … Am I not of a high enough vibration to earn it or what?” We shall spend a bit of time with this one because it is a very important one.

Please read this carefully, no matter your own state of progress. Someone may ask you this very question in the near future.

Firstly, one does not have to connect. You cannot be unconnected. What you think of as above you and unreachable is actually another part or parts of who and what you are.

You have been taught that you cannot, even should not, allow this into your consciousness. You have been told it is ‘of the devil’. It is dangerous. It isn’t ‘real’. No, you really don’t have those playmates. They are ‘just’ your imagination. You are nuts, crazy, a lunatic, laughable. And worst of all, through history, you have been burned, tortured, drowned, etc.

This is all a part of the DNA memory that you carry, even if it is not a part of your current experience. It is very difficult to overcome. But, we want you to understand something very important.

Those parts of you, those things that many call guides and teachers, are every bit as eager to have a constant, conscious dialog with you as you are. In fact, that dialog is happening already. There are many things that you can do to ‘learn the language’.

Begin with knowing that you are protected as much as possible. Even if you have not had the experience, almost everyone has heard a story of a turn not made, a flight that was missed, or a delay that has saved someone from a tragedy. Was that your guides? Your angels? Yes, it was.

You often feel little nudges. Do you follow them? How often have you said or thought, “I knew that would happen!” “I knew I should have done that!” The times that you DID follow your hunches tend to get forgotten or unremarked upon. Were those us? Yes, they were.

But, you don’t ‘hear’ us, right? Well, are you telling yourself that you don’t hear us? If you say it is so, it is so. Open to possibility. “I am learning to get the messages.” is much better. And everyone ‘hears’ differently. Some do hear a voice that seems to be outside of themselves. And notice we said ‘seems to be’. Some ‘hear’ a voice in their heads. Some see pictures. Some just know. What they have learned to do is to trust it, to trust themselves. It is a process.

Okay. It’s a process. Where do I start? Start by assuming that you are being shown things every day. “It is a language that I need to learn.” Are their feathers in your path? Coins? Numbers on license plates? On internet pages? How can WE show YOU that we are here? Tell us and then be awake for the answers.

Learn dream language, symbols. We are not telling you to learn to remember and interpret your dreams. Although that is a good idea. But what we are saying is that if you know the language, we can use it. Your reality is not even close to being as solid as you think it is. You live in a dream. If you know that language, we can use it.

Process. This is a process. When you open to possibility, it will grow. One caution. If you tell yourself it won’t happen, it won’t. Trying to make it happen just affirms that it hasn’t. Is this contradictory? Yes, we suppose it is. Just open to it and allow it to grow. Assume that it is. Because it is.

One good thing for us to mention is that the very longing that you have for the reality of this is an indicator of your knowing that it is possible.

We shall return soon to answer more of your questions. Thank you, each and all.



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