El Morya: Love Has Won

el moryaNova Earth and the new Kingdom of Heaven has been definitely and permanently anchored on Planet Earth…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Good morning dearest hearts! I AM El Morya, I am your brother greeting you on this glorious day! Yes, I am Chohan of the first blue Ray of the Divine Will. I am here to bring the Father’s Will to restore the light and sovereignty on this planet Earth. But, I am also serving the Mother by implementing Her Plan, by being here with you today and anytime you are in need of strength, of a firm stance, and of reassurance that the victory of love is already here.

You don’t seem to be able to see it yet on the outside, in your physical world, but the truth is that Nova Earth and the new Kingdom of Heaven has been definitely and permanently anchored on Planet Earth. You just need to believe it to see it, and then start celebrating in every moment of your journey, even if that means only smiling with a glint of happiness in your eyes, walking knowingly with a spring in your step, and spreading love and joy to everyone you encounter on your paths.

But you do need to look for the evidence that everything has changed. And no matter how small those signs of changes might be, rest assured and know with all your beingness that love has won!

You have this human tendency to look for what is wrong, or what needs to be fixed, and this is why you tend to see less of that which you desire so intensely to see manifested. It may take some time for the dross to be cleared and eliminated, but you do not have to sit in that low vibration till everything is purified, even when you may still have parts of yourselves that require some attention and tender love.

This is what you do…you love all, and I mean everything that comes to you, and that restores the peace within. As you have seen many times, harmony outside yourselves will be following like magic.

So many times we see you fighting and resisting, arguing and getting angry and upset when some negative energies are finding their way to you from the “outside”. And though it is perfectly fine, and in fact strongly suggested, to set boundaries and ask to have your sacred space respected, that doesn’t mean that you can’t center yourselves and then listen carefully, yes heart listening, to what others have to say to thee.

I have come here many times to suggest to this channel, and to you all, that you fight less, even when you are a warrior,..and I know my brother Michael agrees with me. I have said that you need to talk less and attempt to listen more to what others might have to tell you. Most of the time they have messages and information that they attempt to give to you, consciously or unconsciously, verbally or not, the manner in which they are offered is not important.

We know that you feel that you need to help and teach others, to protect them, or to heal their discomforts. But, if you do not pay attention to their energy fields, to the interactions, to the feelings exchanged, and to the body language of these others, how can you properly assist anyone? Communication happens in many ways, and it is up to you to pick up the pieces of information given, and then to place them together, so you can say and do only that which is needed.

Verbose and convoluted conversations do not make for better understanding or show you to be more erudite. It is the essence of your heart transmission and the truth that the other one will hear from you that counts the most. Everyone in an interaction has a gift and a teaching to bring to the table, it has to be a balance and you, as the masters of the Nova Earth, have to tune into the entire story.

Talking and doing less while listening and paying attention to every single detail, to every single atom and nanoparticle coming to you, while pondering and contemplating every facet and meaning of the messages is very important. That is what I call energy efficient behavior, a New You, a master-like being in form.

Can you then focus on other pending issues that you have set aside to work on, procrastinating until you felt ready to tackle them…only it seems that you never become ready? Can you see that these are your personal tasks that are not going to disappear until you face and work with them?

Can you spare some of your attention to listen to your physical vessels and to your home’s whispers, to your pets, or your backyard trees calling out to you? All of those are parts of who you are or they would not be attracted into your reality…and they all need to be brought into balance and alignment with the rest of the high vibrational you.

Dear ones, you are doing a phenomenal and stalwart job! Keep going onward and upward! There is no limit to your brightness and beauty!

I am with you in love and fortitude! Farewell!



» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle