The Council: More Answers

the collectiveSeveral questions can be answered by addressing one very interesting one that concerns a person’s experience of learning that they are a “light-bearer”. What is a light-bearer and how does one live as a light-bearer?

To the individual who brought us the question, we would state that a very great honor has been bestowed. The honor recognizes the degree of dedication and accomplishment over vast ‘periods of time’. An aside: Notice how often we place references to time in quotation marks. Sometimes we can only explain things using your linear means of thought. Our further explanation is not, in any way, meant to lessen that honor.

Every living being in the cosmos, and that means everything, is a light-bearer, because everything is made of light. So that person whose actions you cannot forgive is, my friends, a light-bearer. How does he/she come to be here? What is their function? Why? And why now? Why? Why? Why? If that is true, then there must not be a God!

Now we may make some statements here that many will have a very difficult time with. The first of these is that, that person, and that situation, are of God. Are Perfect. Are necessary. There are no mistakes.

The biggest reason that you do not understand this is that, for most of you, there are perceived separations. I am not he. I am not that. I am not, I am not, I am not. And the biggest of those is, God is separate from us, from me. All of those are untrue. We don’t even need to explain that. How would you answer if we asked you “Where is God? Is God everywhere? Is God in everything?” Most in this age would say yes, because you have evolved to that understanding. So, how can you say “Except over there. Except in her. Except in that”?

Here is another part of your answer. Everything is divine. Everything is light. Everyone is light made manifest as flesh. So everyone is a light-bearer of sorts. They cannot be other.

Are they here to learn or to teach? You do not even know that about yourselves. Is it learn? Is it teach? Is it both? We will tell you this. When you accept that you are here to bring light, all the rest becomes none of your business. When you accept that, them, him, her for what they really are, regardless of how they act or appear, then your world will change. Your lives will change.

So, why? Why you? What should you do? You should be. Be the light that you are. Do not try to be what someone else is. Do not try to be what you have been told you should be, even by us. Be who you know yourself to be, and hold that in the possibility that it may change and grow. “Yes, but what should I DO?” In your words, do what rings your chimes.

You are not separate. You are not. So, if each of you were to focus on what truly made you happy, the whole world would be lifted. And we can say will be lifted, because change is on the way, and you will see much more of it than you can foresee right now.

Once again we say we will soon return with more. Thank you each.



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