Goddess of Creation: Love Creates Balance

light spiral gate eraoflightOh the love in this channel!!! We have heard for so many years that we are moving through a huge transformation upon the earth; some say it has been a completion of three eons.  Not only is this transformation taking place on all levels the old vibration of control and manipulation is being replaced by love. While people know this on many levels there is still a great deal in the world in the process of transition.

As we arrived in the All That Is, we had the opportunity to experience the pure flow of love from the Goddess/ God energies.  This vibration is always filled with bliss, compassion, balance and awareness that there is more to life than trauma and drama. Tonight the journey was less about what you are releasing and more about the state of being.  Love is a state of being.

During the channel she wove the love into the emotional bodies, she cleared the mental body and created new statements of beliefs.  She then took love even deeper into each one of us allowing for such deep infusion of love that every part of us; conscious and unconscious was completely immersed in unconditional love.

When love moves through on every level it rebalances all that you are, all that you do and all that you perceive.

Nama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out for my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace you and to welcome you to our time together, and to thank you for choosing this opportunity to be together as a community.

These times in which we gather together are very important.  Not only from the perspective of the universal energies, but also from the perspective of the Earth or one could say from the perspective of the Earth and also the Universe.

There is such an alignment that flows through the planets themselves and then not only the planets but the inhabitants upon it.  The animal kingdom has its own vibration and these animals that are intrinsically connected to one another are also connected to the vibrations that come from the Universe.

So too humanity is the same way.  Each of you is living your life.  You are creating a space in which you have the ability in which to be consciously present within your life.  You are choosing a life that supports you, honors you and creates that which resonates with you.  You are creating a life that will take you into the space and the vibration that is associated with all that you desire to have.  Be in this space.  Be in this energy.  Be in the truth of the reality of who you are.

I keep hearing again and again from people speaking about the ways in which they regret the past.  The ways in which they wish they had made a different decision.  The ways in which…  we could go on and on and on about your life.  What I would love to see for humanity is that everyone moves out of that third dimension of judgment.  If you are feeling regret then your judging that you did something wrong.

Therefore, if you can open to the vibration of acceptance that your life has been what it has been and that your life has had its ups and downs, but it is what it is.  This acceptance will allow you to be able to create much more fully what you do wish to have within your life.  I honor you.  I respect you.  I love you.

Take a deep breath in where you breathe deeply within yourself, and as you breathe in send that energy and that light through you.  Send it all the way down and to the Earth.  As you send this vibration into the Earth it spreads out in different directions anchoring you in this place in which you are.

As you are able to anchor yourself you then send that energy and the light up.  It comes all the way up through the energy body into your body.  You send it out through the top of your head so that you may align with yourself in the space of your Higher Self.

Take a moment to look around at what this looks like for you.  Your Higher Self is that blend of your Divinity.  It is the place where you step down the vibration of your soul essence so that it may interface within you in your everyday life.  Here within your Higher Self, there may be things that become cluttered.  It may be something that you are very comfortable with moving in and out of.  So, allow it to be what it is and then clear out ~whew~ anything at all that no longer serves you.  That stream of energy and light and that consciousness will then flow from your Higher Self until it comes directly into you as your Divinity.

As you feel your energies and your consciousness merging with your Divinity it’s for some almost like this explosion of light.  You just merge with it and you are in the vibration of who you are.  For others, it may be just a sense of connection or awareness.  I invite you to understand that this is who you are as your soul essence.

You have had so many lifetimes upon the Earth and in the Universe and your I AM presence is that which blends both the earthly experiences and the universal experiences.  Feel what that is to you.  So often as you are here with your I AM presence you have a sense of aligning with just that place in which you connect with your Divinity.  It is actually the doorway too many, many, many different aspects of yourself.

You have the opportunity to connect with past lives through the Akashic Records or through your Divinity.  Therefore, as you are blending with these experiences that you have had, you have the opportunity to find out what they were for you.

I the Goddess walk and in amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.  As our energies merge it shifts into the space of the All That Is.  Look around.  This space is always filled with energy and light.  As you feel what this is to you, understand how the All That Is transforms just as each of you transform.

I have spoken in the past about the consciousness of the Earth.  It is one of the primary reasons that I chose to come in and that Shelly chose to channel me.  There is a huge group of people out here within the Universe who have worked very diligently for thousands of years to achieve what is happening upon the Earth right now.  In some ways as humanity goes through quantum leap, after quantum leap, after quantum leap in the last 15 years people think how can that be possible.  It’s possible because this been thousands of years leading up to this.

If you look back through the ancient times all around the world there have been civilizations, some that were far more advanced than what you have now; some civilizations that subsided with telepathy; that subsided from a space of love being the foundation; that use lasers or surgery; that allowed for spontaneous regeneration of limbs.  I could go on and on and on with the list of what these various societies were able to create upon the Earth.   Yet you look around and you think where are they now?

Some of them ascended off of the Earth and into what you called the All That Is.  There is another planet.  In some ways, it’s as if it is superimposed over your planet.  Therefore, as the vibration of these communities grew to a particular degree they were no longer visible or able to be present upon the Earth.  So too some of these civilizations were unstable.  Then as such a dramatic change took place in the vibration that instability imploded upon itself.

Our intention, meaning all of us who are here with society, has been very clear that with this closure of several different cycles happening simultaneously.  We want the Earth to have the stability that this shift in consciousness creates and to have an even stronger Earth, and it is happening.  We could say it has happened.

For those of you who have followed this type of teaching or this type of experience, you are very well aware of all the steps that we have gone through for years.  I the Goddess was unable to even communicate directly with people until 2000 and I started working with Shelly and the spring of 2001.

The vibration with me or shall I say my vibration that now aligns with you is at least four or five steps up, or shifts up, to becoming more transparent.  It is becoming a higher light to become the true vibration that is the pure love that is I the Goddess and God.  You are that same love also.  You as your I AM presence, as Source for all of your lifetimes; you come from the same space that is I the Goddess.

Where do we all come from; the soul of the Universe the Central Spiritual Sun.  The Soul gives birth again and again.  By the Soul I mean the Central Sun as the Soul of the Universe gives birth again and again.  Not as much as it did at the very beginning.  There is truly no beginning.  It is just the phase of consciousness that moves throughout the Universe and the Omniverse.

Different planets have different intentions.  Different Universes have different intentions.  With the Earth ascending in the way that it is it has caught the eye from many different planets and the consciousness of other Universes.

I want to thank you for being a part of this.  I want to thank you for choosing this experience with me.  I want to thank you for going so deeply within yourself to create the change to clear out anything that no longer serves you.  We have worked through anger, fear, so many different emotions.  We have worked through belief systems, realities, creating realities.  I, therefore, feel so much emotion coming through so many people as I speak of this, I, therefore, want to salute you and say thank you.  You have arrived.  You are here.  You are in that place that you have been seeking for years and years and years.

I understand.  I hear some of you ‘say no I’m not, I still have this problem, I still have this…..’.  I love it when people have discussions with me, but you are here and you have arrived.  I, therefore, ask you for this now moment to accept that you have worked very hard and very diligently and it is worth it.  It has paid off to use a human expression.

Take a breath in, feel the love, feel the essence for who you are.  What was my goal?  What was my intention: to assist humanity with opening to the love from within, to recognize that everything in life can be based on love, to understand that no one person or one group is going to save the world.

The world is in the embrace of love.  There are some massive paradigms that have been in place for thousands of years.  They are cracking, they have cracked and they are breaking apart.  Love conquers all.  It doesn’t conquer by overtaking it and saying I’m your better than or less than.  When I say love conquers all I mean that love transforms everything.

I understand that there is still a great deal upon the Earth that is not in the alignment of love.  I understand.  I ask you to allow your focus to be love.  Therefore, as you live your life you can live it from a place of compassion; from a place of acceptance.  You need not judge.  You need not structure.  You need only to have the intention that love is within you, that you are love and that you share love.

Think about your day.  When you get up in the morning if you allow love to be the first thing that comes into your mind.  Simply love.  You may think of it as soul love.  You may think of it as love from source.  You may think of it as the divine love of God and Goddess.  I speak of love that is all encompassing, that filters through you into every cell and into every organ as it moves through you.

You then get up and you’re getting your family ready for the day or you get yourself ready for the day.  People are pulling at you and asking things of you.  You’re rushing to get to wherever you need to go.  You take a moment breathing in deeply and allowing love to wash through you.

You are then perhaps driving to work with the traffic and with people.  Perhaps in a lot of congestion and you might feel yourself getting anxious, or frustrated, or even angry.  You take in that deep breath opening up your heart center and you allow the love to go through you to every car that’s around you, to everyone on the subway, to everyone walking down the street; whatever it may be let love flow from you to wherever it needs to go.

There will be a change.  Do not do such a thing with the clear intention of looking and judging did it work or not work.  You are simply opening to love, allowing love to transform in whatever way it may.  Whether you are conscious or unconscious of it, it matters not.

Perhaps you find yourself in the middle of the day.  You’re working with people, you’re talking to people, you’re doing stuff around your house; whatever it may be.  Perhaps you’re in that kind of cruise mode where everything is going well.  Nothing comes to your consciousness.  You can still take in a deep breath allowing that flow of love to come through you; feeling that flow and that essence to be a part of you.  Again, it doesn’t need to change anything.  It’s a state of being.

If you find yourself in that rut where things happen again and again and again and just tired of it and it’s just not changing then breathe into that space with this anchor of love from within you.  You are love.  This is love and there is only love.  If you find yourself frustrated, or in an argument, or being drawn into the things that might be shown on TV or in the media disconnect.  Disconnect from the emotions of whatever it may be.  Breathe in the love, the light and let that then flow through you into whatever that situation may be.

Love transforms everything.  You are love from every cell within your body, to the blood that circulates through you, to the Aura that radiates from you.  You are love.

As I speak of this this evening layer upon layer upon layer continues to move through each one of you.  These layers of love are transforming energy within you.  It is creating that space of consciousness that you flow outwards to everybody else.  Allow yourself to be in this moment.

In part this is such a deep emotion and this is such… I am trying to think of the words… belief systems, that this is what I seek to transform within you.  Especially here in the All That Is to be in the vibration of love it creates that sense of bliss.  You can accept bliss and allow bliss to be your reality.

Let us move to that vibration or that alignment where your belief systems are created.  Within your belief system I invite you to let your belief system be – love is the foundation for my life.  Another belief system – I accept love in my life.  Another belief system – love transforms everything.  Therefore, in any situation that I may find myself within I am open to receive love.

If I am in a stuck pattern or old vibration I invite love to transform the situation.  If there is anything in my life, or that I see around me, I am open to flow the universal light and love through me into whatever that may be so as to create the balance of love upon the Earth.

I am open to receive.

You have within your physical life that which is your physical body, you have your emotions, you have your thoughts and your beliefs.  As love becomes the foundation for everything; what does love feel like in your physical body?  Love could be interpreted in your physical body as balance.  Love can create that… I’m trying to think of how to say this.  When you consider love and your physical body it intrinsically creates balance.  If you have an organ that is not working to its ultimate ability,  receive love into the organ and it will then find its balance that is the highest light vibration.  If your joints bother you infuse love into your joints so as to create that transformation.  If it seems like your mind is foggy and less sharp infuse love into your brain and your synapses.  It will intrinsically create balance. Love transforms everything.  Integrating love is integrating balance.

Take a moment considering yourself in your life.  Allow love to go through every cell in your body.  Let love flow through the bones that create the physical reality.  Let love be a part of every organ, every tissue, every cell.  Let love be you.  Let it then move into your thoughts and your beliefs, and all those new belief systems that we integrated this evening.  Your emotions support through love transforming everything within you and within your life.

I invite everyone to come back together as a group.  For some it’s as if I gently bring you back into this vibration, because as we have spoken about love this evening many of you have gone off to various places within the Universe that is your space of love.  I therefore invite all to come back within the space.  As you create this circle of love the light that emanates from this circle is every color in the rainbow.  It is infused and coming up within that is the Hologram of the Earth.  Infuse love into this Hologram; love that transforms, love that is the universal light.

As it moves into the Hologram there is a motion that takes place and it’s almost as if the Hologram itself is growing and expanding as it integrates love.  As it’s ready to be released you let it go.  That part that goes up through to the Universe is clearing out the Universe and aligning with the high light vibrations that are there.  The other part goes down into the Earth and as this Hologram moves through the collective consciousness, ~whew~ it clears out the low vibrations.

The bits and pieces that have been released, but are still hanging around, get cleared out and that core of love and integration, consciousness, love anchors within the center of the Earth so that it may then come up through all levels of the Earth.  It anchors within you.  It comes up through the collective consciousness and it moves through all of humanity upon the Earth giving everyone the opportunity to step into love.  Be it conscious or unconscious this unconditional balanced universal love moves through society at every level.  It moves through the higher consciousness.  It moves through the dimensions of reality.  Clearing out and transforming as it comes into contact with anything that it may come into contact with.

It anchors within you.  It supports you in your everyday life and you bring back the rest of your consciousness.  You’re already finding yourself anchoring within your space.

With that flow of the remainder of your consciousness coming back it comes back through your I AM presence.  It comes back through your Higher Self ~whew~ clearing out and transforming.  It flows back down into you the human.  Close your eyes for a moment.  Feel what love is to you.  Feel it in your everyday life. Feel it as it anchors within you right here in this now moment.

Beloved family, as you move through the days and weeks that are coming up for you I invite you to have love as a foundation of your life.  I invite you to have the truth, or the reality, or the knowledge that love does transform everything that is happening in your world from physical to energetic reality.

I invite you to receive love and to know love.  We speak of love that comes from the universal light.  We speak of love that comes from your soul.  We speak of love that comes from God and Goddess as one.  We speak of that which supports you and transforms you in any way that is in your highest and best interest.

You are so very loved and we are always with you.




» Source » Channel: Shelley Dressel