Master Kuthumi: Changing Times and Karma

master kuthumiI greet you in the vibrational rays of Light and Oneness. I am so pleased to meet with you once more. I have asked this one to come today so I can speak to you on the matters of change and karma. As we, (the Brotherhood ) watch and observe we see the vibrational level of the planet rising. This is very encouraging for the planet and also for each of you. During your current year for many of you, much has come to fulfillment, often through struggle and adversity. I want to say to you that from struggle comes growth. You see you have a survival gene within you. Usually it is this gene which triggers the need to get through your challenges, to overcome the hurdles before you. It is this, along with your Higher Self and the Light flow in the atmosphere which all combine to give you the strength and sometimes even the solution to enable you to step forward.

For many at this time, this will require change. Going through adversity can give you the courage needed. Of course this is not always so. There are some who simply want to change their life, the direction or a certain area of their life. They consciously make this choice which leads them on another path, another experience. So you see creating change is not a bad decision, it simply is a choice you make on your journey in this incarnation. As I have said, there are times when change is necessary, when you are tired of your current circumstances and yearn for new experiences. Times when you feel stuck and are suffering unhappiness. Change is always a choice for you alone choose your new experience.

Some think that in dire circumstances you are creating karma. You look back on previous events and wish you had spoken or done things differently. Times when your words or actions could have been kinder perhaps. Some of you wonder if that karma will stay with you in your next lifetime. I tell you there are many levels of karma. For you to understand simply, you could say less or more karma depending on the intent of the person choosing to hurt another, either with words or actions, no matter. I tell you words can be a painful sword, sometimes as painful as a physical hurt. It is the intent which decides on the level of karma – the Cause and Effect Universal Law. Yes, we have structure on all levels of being.

If the intent is slight or a person did not intend to hurt another, it is not what we call a karmic deed. If the intent was anger toward another, then afterwards the person wanted to ‘take the deed back’ with regret, apologized to the person, this is not a karmic deed. If the person receiving the apology, the spoken regret, chooses not to accept the persons apology, it is their choice not to do so if they choose. You all have free will. However we do not consider it a karmic event due to the instant remorse felt and the words spoken in remorse. You could say this is an instant karmic reaction for the person has suddenly seen the ‘bigger picture,’ the vibrational picture and sometimes a future picture of the hurt and pain that their words or action has created for the other person. This ‘bigger picture’ is always led by the persons Higher Self, almost immediately in your Linear time you see? At that very moment the person is faced with a choice. Do they feel remorseful, sorry for their actions? Or choose to override and ignore the message from their Higher Self, the inner voice? When remorse is felt we call it No Karma. It is already a balanced action. However if the choice made is stubbornness, refusal to listen, we do not judge the person, no. However it is noted and they usually receive hurtful words or actions from another at some other Linear time. So the person is able to feel the consequence of being stubbornly unforgiving, thereby deliberately preventing any Soul growth. Mankind is at a vibrational level now where you will create instant karma. In this lifetime all karma is balanced wherever possible.

In the situation where one may choose to continually keep hurting another in spite of receiving instant karma in some way, often from another person, then the karma is carried through to another lifetime. This does become an issue where the soul requires much healing to overcome emotions of deep anger and sometimes even the emotion of hate. It can take more than one lifetime to heal the soul completely in these situations. We are pleased to say that these events are far less now on the planet. As more Light frequencies amass on the planet great healing is able to occur on many levels. This is another reason why many of you are wanting to create change in your lives now. People decide they no longer want to be angry, to struggle, may now want to heal old conflicts with another. Healing. For others after a lifetime of experiencing struggle to pay for grand homes and possessions, will say, ” I no longer want this struggle in my life.” So they will choose to simplify their lives and enjoy the unseen healing energies because they paused long enough to absorb those energies. They begin to feel a peace within.

So you see this time also creates magnificent opportunities for each of you. I urge to listen within, to begin to pay attention to what you feel, rather than the many thoughts in your mind.

I embrace you in Oneness.

I am Kuthumi

Chosen Channel.



» Source » Channel: Lynette Leckie-Clark