Saint Germaine: The Alchemy of Life

saint germain eraoflightIt is intended to take you deeper and deeper into the works and studies of the mysteries of the universes and multiverses.

Greetings beloveds! Greetings from St. Germaine, your brother and family, your teacher and your guide in this journey of tremendous transformation of reinstating the love and the light on Planet Earth.

I come to you and I come to all that have a sincere desire to become the advanced alchemists of the purest light and love. I come to you for you have proven over and over your dedication and commitment to serving all humanity and to fulfilling the Mother’s Divine directions and plan for Planet Earth’s ascension and beautiful transformation into a Heaven on Earth.

Your divine plan is complex and simple at the same time. You see, you wanted to work on yourselves and bring the brightest light there is to shine through you. There are times when you need to clear the old within. There are times or spaces within yourselves that you need to protect and maintain in purity. And there are times when you need to nurture and mature some parts of yourselves, and you are working on all of those tasks at the same time, or in rapid succession, for the sake of categorizing and delegating lessons and bits of information to a certain area of the self.

Whenever a lesson needs to be revisited it may not come back to thee from the same angle, just to see how clever of a teacher you are. But your heart and even your human mind recognizes the original stimulus and knows what has to be done. You do understand that clearing and transmuting the old energies is easy, for as soon as you set the intention to release the illusory veils and then send those dense energies back into the light, that is a done deal.

Those parts of thee that need some growth and maturing are the ones that need you to take new actions, and then to be consistent in following and reinforcing the nova ways of doing and being in the world. Every step you take forward needs to be nurtured and maintained with loving energies, and firm new boundaries need to be set, protecting you from the attempts of the old energies to reclaim, sabotage, and diminish thee.

Do not question and doubt your newly gained expansion, but add more excitement in anticipation of more manifestations of love into your reality. No need to waste time and energy getting upset or defensive, and even arguing for approval and understanding from the loved ones that are not quite able to see the entire picture. Instead, smile and hold your head up, then keep going and forging forward trusting and believing your heart-given direction.

You always had and will continue to have free will to choose which way to go, whatever possible reality to bring in. And this is a fact that is not going to change in the Nova Earth, but it is my desire that you bring into your life only the highest and the greatest one for you and for all.

Envision only the greatest outcome and be in joy and lightness no matter what comes to you. Whatever comes to you smile and love it. More so if it seems to be less than the ideal, for this is what you might call a side lesson into the alchemy of life, which is intended to take you deeper and deeper into the works and studies of the mysteries of the universes and multiverses. It is great when you get it “right”, but it is even greater when you get it “wrong”… for now you know how to dust off and eliminate the little interferences in the way for even better and faster alchemy of the light.

Asking the Violet Flame to clear your chakras and auric fields is a request that needs to be done every single time your joy is fluctuating and getting fainter. It is requiring you to be in a sharp awareness of your feelings, and to constantly monitor your energy field and boundaries, and intervene to maintain the highest state of joy and purity.

Use the Violet Flame as a blessing and as a friendly tool to welcome and meet everyone, to purify and cleanse every space and place you extend yourselves, and whether you travel there in physicality or only energetically, it matters not, for it always works beautifully and efficiently.

With cheerful love and joy, always by your side, I AM St. Germaine! Farewell!



» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle