One Who Serves: We Are Celebrating

meditation one eraoflightOm Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om.Om.

Greetings to you! One Who Serves here with you to continue on with the show as the saying goes. The show must go on. And the show is happening everywhere.

Yes, it is true! We are celebrating at the higher levels, you might say, at the higher vibrations, higher dimensions. We are celebrating a grand occurrence that is in the process of happening now.

And as this happens now at the higher levels it will filter down into your three dimensional reality, into the illusion that you are in. But that illusion that you are in is also fast dissipating. And soon – there’s that word – but soon that illusion will be completely gone and you will find yourselves in a new reality, a new level of understanding, a new remembering again of who you are.

All of this is destined. All of this is a part of the process, a part of the transition that you are going through. And this transition, as you go through it, is leading you also through the ascension process. And the ascension process is what is bringing everything new to your understanding, new to your lives, new to this bringing on this new great Golden Age that is upon you.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to watch the show. Okay?

Do you have questions here for One Who Serves?

Zoe:  Oh, thank you so much One Who Serves and Sananda. We are so grateful to you all for guiding us each week. We love you! We love you! We love you!

So let me give everybody a few notes regarding the question process:

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So come on in and let’s see what kind of topics we can stir up.

And while we do that, One Who Serves, we have an emailed question which I will start with if that’s okay with you.

OWS:  Yes, please do.

Q & A

Q:   [Emailed question] This is a question for Sananda, One Who Serves, and St. Germain. So I am an empath and I’ve attended channelings when I was younger with RA. My question is so many light workers want contact during their waking states and I know you say we all visit you in the nighttime but may not necessarily remember the experience upon awakening to go about our day. How can we speed up the process to have the conscious telepathic contact during the daytime hours?

OWS:  There is not so much of a process that can be speeded up here as is being asked here. You can do various things to bring about remembrances. And that is what this is all about is remembering who you are. Remembering who you are at the higher levels. And as you remember who you are at the higher levels and find yourselves in those higher vibrations, as we continue to speak, then all of this will take care of itself. You will go out and have your meditation experiences or your dream experiences and as you do so and as you continue to find yourself in these higher vibrations more frequently, more regularly, then you will have in your waking state the memories of when you had these experiences. You see?

It is all part of consciousness. And this is an answer to another question that was asked here, that the, we are bringing through now. What is consciousness? Consciousness is beyond the understanding of three dimensional reality at this point. You are coming to it more and more to understand that consciousness is you. Consciousness is who you are. Consciousness is who all life is. Life is consciousness. Consciousness is life. Light is consciousness. Love is consciousness. You see? Everything is consciousness. Consciousness began with the Prime Creator saying, “Let There Be Light, and Let There Be Manifest Creation. Let There Be Consciousness.” And that was the beginning of it all. You can call it the great big bang or whatever you want but that was the beginning of consciousness coming into a reality or into an understanding of itself. Before that there was no consciousness because there was no understanding of self. You see? Unmanifest becoming manifest. And consciousness was born as a result of this. And consciousness is what you continue to carry throughout eternity. You can never die. You see? There is no death. There is the death of the physical body, yes. There is the going away, you might say, of the physical body, the decaying of the physical body, all of this, but consciousness continues on for ever and ever eternally. No end. Okay? That is the answer for that. Was there a second part to that question?

Q:   [Emailed question] I wish and invoke my higher self to be a channel for Archangel Michael but I am not sure how to do this. Archangel Michael will you help me?

OWS:   What you do for this — this is for Archangel Michael or St. Germain or higher self or whenever it is — you simply intend. You intend that you want to become open to the communication from your higher self or from those higher guides that are working with you. You open up to it. You intend it. And once you begin to intend it then the process will go on from there. But, the most important thing as this process is developing, is the belief on your part. If you begin to hear messages coming from within yourself and you recognize them as something that is coming from higher levels of your being, then you are opening up to this channeling process or communication process. It does not have to be channeling such as this, it can be simply communication that is coming through; telepathic communication or understanding or even knowing that is coming in. But if you do not believe it, as the messages are coming through or you begin to wonder, is this my imagination? Is this just me talking to myself? Am I going crazy? And those kinds of things then you are not open to the communication as it comes in. So there must be a trust. There must be a belief. Believe it and you will see it. Believe it and you will experience it, you will be able to have this communication. Trust, trust, trust is what you always need to have here. The belief. Trust leads to belief. Belief leads to knowing. You can look at it as different than that. You can look at it as knowing leads to belief. That is one in the same. They go back, they are hand- in-hand you might say. Okay?

Q:  I heard 17 NSA and CIA satellites were shut down. I believe that Qanon came out with that and it’s all over YouTube. Can you provide any comments on that?

OWS:  What we can tell you is this is partially what the Sananda was speaking of last week and again here today about the storm coming, when the President Trump said I am The Storm because they were talking about the storm coming and he said I am The Storm. Well, we would say you are all the storm. And the storm is coming. The Alliance, all of those of you that are part of the Alliance, part of the ground crew you might say, the boots on the ground, you are all part of this and you are all creating this storm that is approaching. And these satellites, these communication systems are being shut down. That is correct. They are being shut down and they are being taken control of. And as the more and more of the system of the cabal, the telecommunications system of the cabal is taken over they will lose more and more of their bite or their ability to be in any kind of control whatsoever. And of course this is leading to the many dominoes that will begin to fall they are already beginning now and more and more are going to happen here. This is what we have been talking about for some time. This is what many of the sources have been talking about for some time, that these are the moments now just prior to the Great Changeover that is in process here and leading to the Great Event which is also considered the changeover.

Q:  So these satellites were shut down because these satellites were used against humanity.

OWS:  That is correct. That is correct, yes.

Q:  Sananda was talking about telepathy and we should remember how to do it. Can you help us remember?

OWS:  What we can do is simply guide you and nudge you along to begin to go into the process of remembering this for yourself. This is not something that can be taught. We cannot tell you how to remember we can just simply guide you into remembering. Now, understand as you are beginning this process more and more and creating the intention to have these memories coming back to you, they will begin more and more to filter in. And they will filter in more and more as the vibrations continue to raise as well. Because all of this is coming back to you, these remembrances of who you are, of who you have been before, of the ending of the game, you might say, is afoot. It is very close here where you are coming to the point where you do not need to forget anymore. That was the game you came in to play here, the forgetting part of this. Because to be able to play this game, to be able to be a part of this expression here, this three-dimensional illusion or this matrix, you had to forget. You had to forget who you are. But those times are over now and more and more of you are beginning to awaken to who you are. And that’s what this entire transition is about: awakening and remembering who you are. So simply just do it. Just intend for it and allow for the creation process or allow for this remembering process to occur here because it is coming for all of you. At different times, yes, some of you are already beginning more and more of the process in terms of your dreams and remembering your dreams when you wake, or having your awakening visions and remembering what was occurring, or finding yourselves on ships when you are in your astral travel, or all of these things. And then coming back and remembering all of this, this is part of it. But it is also the memories that are going to come flooding back to many of you, most of you as these vibrations continue to raise across the planet and leading up to when the Great Event comes. And as The Event comes, and shortly after that, many of you at that point, if you have not already, many of you will then remember a great deal of who you are at that point. Okay?

Q:  Okay, you talked about The Event and Sananda said the Storm. Is that one in the same?

OWS:  The Storm is what is approaching now. This is the precursor of those things which are leading to the actual Event. Yes.

Q:  Greetings to you all. I feel very privileged to be able to have my voice be heard. I have been pondering for a while about the topic of highly sensitive persons. And I heard about this and I’m realizing that there are communities such as Taos, New Mexico, and Fayetteville and little communities where there are a lot of artists and they tend to be highly sensitive and empathic. But my curiosity is, what is the purpose, the general perhaps, Galactic or planetary purpose, of what is called the highly sensitive person?

So what I have been hearing in listening to the calls is that everyone that has spoken has had experiences of awakening to what is called a highly sensitive person. But my curiosity is is the purpose of the population which I’ve read is 10 to 20% of the population otherwise if we didn’t exist the rest of the population may be in big trouble. So my basic curiosity is is the origin. And I got a hit that that was because anxiety tends to be connected to my sensitivities because I don’t know why it’s just and I got the answer, a possible answer, because it’s animal. I’m an animal. I am a descendent of animals of some sort and so there’s always this wariness of being attacked. And so I wanted to get some confirmation on that.

OWS:  What is your direct question here, though?

Q:  My direct question is why do we feel anxious? Why do highly sensitive people — I’m just starting to walk into this a little deeper — why do I always feel anxious?

OWS:  What we can tell you as far as these highly sensitive people are concerned is a great deal of the what are called the light workers, the light warriors, the 144,000, and all of this, is a part of this. And you come in with a knowing, an inner knowing, a deep knowing of who you are. Maybe not at the conscious knowing self yet, at this point, but you come in with this and you find that everything is not as you would expect it to be or wanted it to be because you know of a greater experience, you know of a greater remembrances from long ago, and you have these — what is the word here — not wanting to have things like fear and all of those kinds of things in the life and you are anxious in some ways about this. But it is also because of your deep feeling levels, your empathic levels. Many of you are you have empathic abilities. And you feel stronger, feel more energies than others would feel, and you are more sensitive to what others experience and feel because you understand, at a deeper level, the Oneness, the idea that everyone is One, everyone is connected energetically connected, connected through the Source that you are all a part of the Great Source of all things. So this is a continuation you might say of those things which are continuing to keep you going. Keep you going here as you are and moving into those higher vibrations more and more. You have that inner calling that inner knowing that is pushing you forward. And this sensitivity is a great part of this. Does this answer your question in somewhat of a roundabout way here?

Q:  Yes. It’s expanding. And the sad thing is I’m feeling right now is that we have been pushed in the corner called crazy and when I shared this information with my son we both cried because he thought he was crazy and I thought I was crazy and it was a beautiful opening. Thank you for expanding that.

Q:  So in one of my dreams two weeks ago I was given a new book. Still the tape on it, it was really new and I was opening it and I was excited and on my way going to take my spot in an event or something. So the question is what is the representation of this new book I was given please.

OWS:  What we would need to ask you first is what was the book. You say it was a book but what was it about or what was on it or in it?

Q:  I could not remember anything about the book. The only thing was it was new, still closed and sealed and I was to open it. It was completely new but I cannot remember anything or something specific about the book.

OWS:  So whenever it in your dream state in terms of symbology whenever you have a book that is closed or that has never been read or opened, that is saying that there is unknown knowledge there. There is something yet that you need to come to. If you would in the dream be able to open the book then you would be able to see the knowledge that is being held back. In some cases even maybe remembrances that are being held back at this point. So what we would suggest to you is to go in a waking state — not in your dream state — but in a meditative waking state and open the book see what is there in that book. Ask for the book to be revealed to you and open it. It is very similar to what we did at the Advance with all of you that participated in this when we had you go to a door in your timeline and go back to that door that is closed to many of you that is there to be opened and then revealed what is on the other side of the door. This is very similar in this case in terms of the book. Okay?

Q:  First of all I love you all. Think you all. I love OWS. My question is for the Lord Sananda. I had a pretty big outburst, I guess I could say, before we got into this part of the call and I was triggered by the words Christianity, Christian, baptism. I don’t want to go into my whole background. I wish you could maybe read my feelings for this. But if you could tell me what you feel about what do the words Christianity and baptism mean to you, because maybe I don’t understand those words and that’s why I have the reaction that I do.

OWS:  What we can tell you is the idea the words Christianity baptism all of these types of things are simply words. They are simply part of the language that you have used here to create various symbology in your lives, as far as the various religions that have been adopted and opened up mainly for control purposes. They begin in a more positive way, you might say, in a way to assist and help those around them and then it creates into a religion; it creates into an institution, you might say, more and more. And the institution then becomes more and more in control it becomes just simply about that: it becomes about control. So the terms you are using are simply terminology. The idea of baptism is an ancient ritual. It is an ancient ritual that has been carried on and carried on and now they say if you’re not baptized you cannot go to heaven or any of these things. And that is simply poppycock! There is nothing to this. That is the old the old paradigm, the old regime here that is trying to attempting to maintain control as much as they can. But they cannot because those of you, those of the awakened ones, those of you the way showers have come to understand more and more that these are just simply terms. They are not important.

The idea of going to church and being in a church is something if it is important to you then it is good. If it is something you want to do then it is good. But if you are going to a church because you are made to go, how is that freedom of choice? You see? You all have freedom of choice to decide what it is that you want to do, what it is that works for you to use discernment in all ways. And this is what you are going through in this transition process now is to use discernment. Learn how to use discernment. Learn how to realize that you all have freedom of choice. You want to go to church? Go to church. You don’t want to go to church? Don’t go to church. If you want to be part of the Christian movement be part of it. If you don’t want to don’t be part of it. You see? If you want to be baptized be baptized. If you don’t want to, don’t. None of this is right or wrong. It just simply is.

Now we say all ways to go with the flow. Go with the flow. Go with how your higher self is guiding and directing you. And if it takes you through a various church process, religion process, then so be it. But for those of you, those of you that would be on this call, you are all beyond that type of understanding. You are beyond that. Not that you are better than that but you are awakened. You are awakened to more and more who you are. And the who you are is a part of the knowing that you have full freedom of choice in your life. So be free. Be free and have everything that you want in your life and do not be concerned about what others think, or what others want you to think, because they have freedom of choice, you have freedom of choice, and both of you must honor that freedom of choice. You see? Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself.

Q:  I’m wondering for you to tell me what is the impact of Jarod Rand’s daily meditation global? How much has it affected the planet, and the vibration of the planet of all the people going to love?

OWS:  What we can tell you is whenever there is any kind of mass meditation it affects greatly. And even when you have your own personal meditation it can affect greatly. It all depends, it is part of the intention behind this all. And if you intend, whether it is in the mass meditation or in your own personal meditation, if you intend for the world to be greater, if you intend for world peace, whatever it is that you are intending for then you are creating it in that process. So the more that you create these intentions, the more that you do these meditations, it certainly has a grand effect.

Now whenever there is more that are involved in this, such as the great mass meditations that have been encouraged by various sources in the past here leading up to the present now, whenever there are these mass meditations they have a grand effect because they are affecting the whole consciousness, the collective consciousness. And as the collective consciousness is being effected here, then the vibrations are increasing. You would find that if they were able here, if you were able at this level of consciousness to be able to measure the direct result of a mass meditation, you would find that Light increases, consciousness increases, in those moments. You would find that there is a frequency that increases in those moments if it could be measured. It can be measured at the higher levels. It can be measured by the Galactics certainly. They do this all the time. And if you could do it here with your scientific instruments and that kind of thing, you would notice that the frequency of the Earth even has increased in those time periods. You see? So the answer, direct answer to your question is yes, there is a direct benefit of these meditations that are occurring.

Q:  And One Who Serves, what about the tipping point? How much do we need to continue to do this? We’ve been involved since February 12th. We’ve done over 200 meditations during that time and what will make the difference that will set everything at the higher vibrations the highest we can go?

OWS:  We can say keep it going. Keep it going, do not stop. Because as you continue to do this then you are affecting the collective consciousness. And you have to understand though as to the when it would be a full effect, when you would reach the tipping point as you are saying, although you have already reached the tipping point but it depends on how you are looking at that terminology ‘tipping point’. The tipping point is not the same as the zero point. There is a difference here. The zero point you have not yet reached, the tipping point you have reached. The tipping point being the point of no return, the point of where you have gone to this … the point where there is the Light is much much greater now than the darkness is. You see? And the zero point, though, the zero point is when the vibrations increase so much across the planet that the Galactic Pulse can then come in and change consciousness forever here. Okay?

Q:  Thank you so much for everything you expressed and how wonderful and how much I know that I’ve increased my vibration by being part of this.

Q:  During meditation I saw myself giving protective layer, protective energy layer to the Earth and then another spread of my energy changed the look of the planet. So can you give me some insight on that?

OWS:  We could if we could understand fully as you are asking here. Your dialect is difficult for this one James to bring through the hearing process here.  [Laughter, as this often occurs with this questioner]

Q:  During meditation with James I saw myself giving protective energy around the Earth. Then I give some energy to the Earth and that changed the look of the Earth. The Earth became very green and beautiful and it was just amazing. And that layer of protection I’ve done like maybe 5-6 times around. Like I was flying around the planet and giving that protection to Earth. So can you enlighten me on that please?

[Confusion is cleared up]

OWS:  Giving protection to Earth. Yes. Certainly and this was the purpose here the process for Sananda here to work with this particular experience was to not protect the Earth so much because the Earth has a great deal of protection already. But to send these energies these vibrations to all of these life forms here on the Earth. That is a difference here. The Earth has much protection, has been protected for a long time and is able to protect herself. But the life forms here, within this three-dimensional paradigm you can say, are needing the protection, needing the Light, needing the awakening process to occur more and more here. So in that respect this experience, this meditation was very helpful here.

Q:  I understand now so in another way I was giving energy to the beings on the planet, not to the Earth.

OWS:  That is correct. Yes.

Q:  So now it makes sense. Thank you very much.

Q:  At the Advance, during a meditation, I had the experience of being taken in my Merkaba to the White House to, among other things, send/spread the Violet Flame. And I asked about it you said at the time I was taken there to deliberately be a part of a meeting of sorts with the Alliance and that this experience relates to a roll I have to play in the Shift that is coming. So my question is can you share anything else with me this time about this role perhaps what else, if anything, I can do to prepare myself for this role?

OWS:  We cannot at this time share anything more about this because this must come from within yourself. It must come from your own memory processes. It must come from that guidance that you are receiving from within and then following that guidance. So we cannot tell you because it would influence you in one direction or another and we are not or cannot or will not participate in that because that is interfering with your own free will. But understand that what was said earlier still stands. You are moving in a direction, if you continue to go as you are in terms of your upcoming journey here that you’re going to take and be very important part of that journey we will say, which will then lead to next part of this that will give you a new expression, a new direction you might say. Not that it will take you away from your acting career but it will be a part of the new expression within that acting career if you can understand this. This is part of this. And the understanding that you had as far as being at the White House and all of this is that you are directing moving in a direction we will say not destined but moving in a direction where you will become more a part of the Alliance that is in process here. Many of you as well are going to become more a part of this in various different ways here. So get ready!

Q:  Thank you One Who Serves. As a follow-up is there anything else you might suggest that I could do to augment or amplify my inner guidance?

OWS:  What we can tell you is believe. As we have been saying many many times believe it and you will see it. Intend it, believe it, and it will come to you. And it does not matter the messenger but the message that counts as it comes through. So trust, trust, and trust, and it will all come more and more to your understanding here as this transition continues to move forward. Yes.

Q:  We all know that Trump has been a big trigger to help us move towards where we are heading, draining the swamp and GESARA and everything. I’ve been hearing and reading that there is a potentiality that he agreed to after this is accomplished, maybe early next year, to step aside as President. Is there anyway you can tell us any inkling if that’s somewhat accurate or not or are you unwilling to talk about it?

OWS:  What we can tell you is not directly that this is or is not going to happen but we can tell you that it is a potential. It is a potential within the overall probabilities that are involved now. In other words, based on the present moment that you are in now there is various potential and based on the probabilities and the way consciousness across the planet is at this particular moment. But as we always say in the next moment everything can change and this is what has been happening and why much of this has been in your understanding very much delayed over these time period. Because consciousness continues to affect the probabilities and potentialities of everything that is in the process of coming together here. We cannot tell you directly yes or no to your question, whether he is or is not going to step down. But we can tell you it is a potential and that he is in a particular position that is leading everything forward within this transition process right now. Okay?

Q:  Okay. That would just make sense and would mean that there is even more amazing positivity coming in the future if he was to step down. So that’s good news.

OWS:  Or if he stays on. It can be positive either way. That has not yet been determined as we are saying because consciousness … collective consciousness is what effects this.

Q:  I was wondering if the group that is going to go to Mexico are we energetically prepared and what should we do to become energetically prepared for that trip?

OWS:  What we can tell you now is the answer to your first part is no. You are not yet ready energetically as a group because you are not a cohesive whole yet. But as you find yourselves down there, there will be a movement in that direction of becoming a cohesive whole of becoming a oneness. But that is up to you. That is up to each and every one of you and to all of you as a group to come together and to raise the vibrations within each individual and also as a group together. This was what will be you will be guided to do as we come closer and closer to this and when you actually find yourselves down there. For that will be our purpose or our responsibility at that point to assist you in getting you ready, preparing you for what can be. Okay?

Q:  And is there anything that we can do up until that point to get more energetically clear?

OWS:  You can certainly do that within your selves. Yes. You can and it is very important to do so to find yourself centered more and more each day especially as you come closer to this time. But we can tell you that because of those things which are also happening within this transition now, much of this will be taking effect within itself anyway. It will be a part of the expression because as the vibrations all around you increase in terms of the awakening process that is happening, it will in turn bring up the vibrations within all of you as well. And as your vibrations increase in all of you, you will come closer and closer to that cohesive whole that we are speaking of as you find yourselves down there.

Q:  I was listening to Josh and then suddenly came a oneness to me, because first up, I felt in the beginning when I came to the group that I am like I belong and don’t belong here. But just now a minute or two ago came to me a revelation why I came to the group. The group will help me to discover my purpose. And my purpose [is] supposedly some kind of big thing I’m going to do but I have no idea what this experience I have in the group. Every time I listen to you, One Who Serves, something new is revealed to me. So any suggestions to me what I can do to reveal, or maybe could give me glimpse of what that purpose is going to be?

OWS:  What we can tell you dear sister is that you have been guided to the group for a reason, certainly, and it is a continuing reason. It is continuing to evolve, we might say here, as you continue to participate at whatever level you are participating. So as you continue to be a part of this as to your purpose, your purpose — and we answered this question many, many times — your purpose continually changes as the various choices that you make in your life continue to change and continue to move you in a different direction, based on your the way you are in that very moment. You see, in the next moment you might have one purpose, you might’ve come in with a certain purpose and you may have already fulfilled that or you may be moving toward that, but as you are moving toward that purpose, you find there many other purposes in your life too, and all leading maybe to one general-purpose … or maybe not. You see? Your purpose changes constantly as your consciousness continues to increase. And as your consciousness continues to increase your purpose become something different again and again and again.

So this is how the expression happens to all here. One may come in with a certain mission or a certain purpose and the next thing you know they are becoming the President of the United States. And that was never the original purpose, it was just simply something that continued to evolve based on the decisions that one made all the way through the process. You see?

Q:  Thank you. I just don’t know for some reason I keep feeling like a baby in the group who’s growing every day and just making sure she is asking right things, not to offend the parents of the group. Sometimes I feel like that. But I feel like I’m growing every week with the group and I’m really grateful for that because before I felt like all the forces were trying to stop me move to grow. They were like pulling me back but I was pulling forward all the time. But being in the group it’s like speed up my progress, my understanding, like 1000 times and I’m grateful for that One Who Serves. Namaste.

OWS:  Thank you. Very good. And we would add here that just as in your AA, keep coming back. It works.

Then we are finished for the time here.


As you continue to move through this transition, continue to move through it with your eyes wide open. Your eyes wide open. That is your physical eyes but also understanding that your third eye is opening as well, is becoming re-activated we will say. And many of you that have had a rather closed third eye center, pineal gland, and all of this because of various things such as fluoride in your water or in your toothpaste or whatever it was in.

If you are having anything in your life that has fluoride in it we would say get rid of it. Do not use fluoride anymore because it does calcify within the pineal gland. This is just something we don’t often give things such as this but it is important now especially as your third eye is attempting to reactivate once again as in olden times. And in order to do that you must have a clear pineal gland to let this operation occur here. So get rid of fluoride in your water, in your toothpaste, and whatever else it might be, and work toward doing that.

And continue to visualize. Use your visualization ability and skills as much as you can. Visualize, visualize, visualize every chance you get. And as you do so you will be opening again that third eye center.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Zoe:  Shanti.

Well, there you have it: great questions lead to great answers – and that’s great for all of us.

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As I said earlier, our once-a-month BlogTalk call is the place for aspiring members, so please invite anyone who seems interested and is looking for more information.

And for all of you new people that were on the phone today, thank you for coming. We hope you come back next week.

You can find past call recordings on and also they’ll be posted on our website. And as an FYI, you can participate in the BlogTalk call via VOIP as well as by phone, so it’s a great choice for those extreme-long-distance audience members.

Also for those non-English speakers, we have several translations of the channeled messages on the website.

Volunteers needed

And this is a request of our membership: Moses is asking for anyone who can commit some time to helping spread and anchor the Light that is Ancient Awakenings, to please contact him. He’s specifically asking for those who would translate the channeled messages into whatever language you’re fluent in.

He’s also looking for someone to keep up the health section of the website with all of the new technologies and remedies coming through, such as contract severing, the plug, the healing rod, ETR, crystal healing, (like what Marilou is working on) frequency, etc. A lot of this stuff we were actually talking about today in the private section. He’s referring to that as the Light Nurse so get in touch with him if you’re willing to take that on.

English language channeling poster or someone who will post the English language channelings.

A tech-person (in Payson / Phoenix / Prescott area) someone who can assist with video equipment setup on Sundays.

And this is for everyone: he wants to more formally organize personal hosting of small groups in your homes. Like we used to have where the local members would get together each Sunday to listen to the call and the channelings. I highly recommend this because, for me at least, the energy of bodies in a group – no matter how small the group – makes a meditation so much more powerful for me. So if you will become a Livingroom Host, please let Moses know so he can get that organized.

I think … That’s it for me, James. Would you like to take it back now?

James:  Okay thank you so much Zoe. Thank you for all you did. Wonderful introduction and hosting and everything just like you always do. Appreciate that. Rita/Athena appreciate all that you bring and as far as the numerology in the understanding of the present moment.

Thank you for everyone else’s participation those that ask questions and those that participated just by listening. You know everything is about energy and consciousness and it’s all about raising consciousness and then spreading that consciousness — or they call it Light too — spreading the Light, the Love everywhere.

We do this every time with our calls because you know we reach to a certain amount of people on the phone but then people read these transcriptions or listen to the recordings on all the other websites that post it. So when you think it’s only reaching 100 or so people it’s actually reaching thousands of people. And in some cases even millions over a period of time. And so appreciate everybody bringing all this together.

And all I can say, as the One Who Serves said, sit back. Relax, sit back and enjoy the show. But again keep those seatbelts fastened because things may get a little rocky as the Storm continues to come over us here. That’s it!   

Zoe:  Great!  Well, I guess we’ll call it a day.

R/A:  Bye bye for now.

James:  Bye bye everybody.

Zoe:  Love you, bye!


Zoe:  There we are, that’s it for us. Thank you very much for hanging in there and we love you all. Love you, bye!

Channeled by James McConnell

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