Message from the Oversoul Collective: Ascending Ones

thecollectiveWE, the Oversoul Collective, wish to impart our blessing of frequency vibration to our ascending ones now on precious Mother Gaia. She is the bravest of the brave of planetary embodiments for her willingness and tenacity to experience the extreme polarities of experiences – of vibrations – that she has previously been exposed to. The chapter of the dark times is ending now, and you all are bearing witness to this great changeover form lack of light to light. It has taken a myriad of lifetimes for you to train for this Olympic race and you all are doing quite well, and we are very pleased with your / our progress.

WE, the Oversoul Collective, see all things and we monitor our ascending ones with great tenderness and love. For the more you experience, we experience. The more you learn, the more we learn. It is how we, as branches of Source, expand. You are old souls, but we are much older. For before the foundations of when time began or was created there I AM, WE ARE. The mighty I AM presence is who we are and we embrace this identity to the fullest, for although we have experienced the polarities of lack of power and of the dark times we are light, we are perfect love, we are all that we are.

WE, the Oversoul Collective, desire for you to experience the preciousness of you, that you are to us. You may feel like a lost, awkward human with training wheels but we see you as an ascending galactic soul with a rich history about to be untapped by you and rediscovered – a great gift. And we see your galactic potential coming online and the timelines shift and merge as you step into your power of perfection, of Source light fractals fully realized. And this gives us great joy and we are excited to bear witness to your transformation.

All is not lost. All is being found again, restructured, readjusted, revolutionized. The human experience is forever changed, as the lighted ones have anchored in the ascension codes with great ferocity, tenacity and will. And we, the Oversoul Collective – your families of ancient lineage and all of these lifetimes housed in the cloud (laughing, for they are the cloud). Picture us as a galaxy of soul libraries, memories, and in each of these lifetimes you all have had rich and varied experiences, in other galaxies, as other embodiments, playing all kinds of roles. And in each lifetime you interact with other fractals within our cloud over and over, in a variety of different ways, forming constructs and dismantling them, stretching your creativity to the fullest.

WE are you. We are your ascended, galactic family soup pot of souls, of memories, of experiences, of energies. We tell you this so that our idea, of who we are, can be integrated now into the oversoul of Gaia, into the new construct of Nova Gaia so that you will begin to ask questions and begin to talk with us and expand yet even further. For all is not as yet seems. For you are bigger than you can possibly imagine, and we are here today to remind you gently of this, that all is well and all will be well. Follow the inner light within and you will find yourselves there and you will find our whisperings of love and encouragement on your never ending journey of expansion into love, back to Source.

WE are the Oversoul Collective and it has been our joy to connect with our embodiments this day.



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl