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eraoflight awakenGreetings Friends, it is I KejRaj! This is just a quick reminder of a few things on our blog!

You Share: We have mentioned it in the past, if there is something that you wish to share with everyone, please email us at – Your articles, something that you think is worth sharing; if you channel, please email your channeling piece to us and we will be sure to share it with all.

Subscribers: At this moment all subscribers receive a separate email for each post made on the page. I know this is not what many of you want, but at this time we cannot afford a different service to have the emailing setup differently. I have looked into trying to find a solution to where you’d receive ONE email with all the posts made for that day, and I have found one, but it isn’t free or cheap. Please bear with us, soon we shall have this resolved.

Posting Schedule: We make a set of new posts every day, between 12:00am and 1:00am Eastern Time Zone USA. This way I believe the majority of our readers, wherever they may be, will have something fresh to read for that day. We don’t like making a post or two here and there throughout the day. If it was to be done in that manner, there’s a great chance that readers may miss on a whole lot. However, if something of significant nature unfolds, we most certainly will share it on the page at other times as well, the moment we find out about it. is updated every day.

We post anywhere from seven to twelve articles a day, so instead of you scrolling up and down, you can check out each category on the menu bar: Forum , Awake , Channelings , News , Health , Science , Astrology , Earth , Disclosure

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