Heavenletters: Oneness is Here to Stay

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, here is the true story: Oneness alone is true. Greater than Oneness isn’t the whole Truth. The Whole Truth is always simple. How many ways are there to say One? There are more ways to express what is more detailed than to express One, yet, to say One, says it all.

Anything that takes up more space than Oneness is erudite. Complex. We can call it a trip. Simplicity speaks of Oneness. How many ways are there to express Oneness when Oneness is?

In Oneness, We speak of Infinity. We are going for Pure Oneness. One is greater than multiplicity. We can call multiplicity scrambled. Multiplicity can be thrown on the table like jacks that children toss up in the air. In the sense I speak, there can be many jacks thrown out, yet only one essence of jackness. Love is of necessity Oneness. There is no getting around this.

Oneness is here to stay. Love is here to stay. Love is a miracle of Oneness. Love is Oneness in everyone’s heart. Everyone’s love is One and grand. Perception may not always see Oneness, yet Oneness is. Love defies description and definition. No two people who see the same movie see the exact same movie.

Does everyone see the same rose in the exact same color? Most assuredly, there is an essence of Roseness.

Beneath discernible dissimilarities, Oneness is. Why would I assign Oneness to you, unless this is plain Truth, not more or less, yet clearly One? Isness is Oneness. Being is One. You can personally chalk life up to Oneness or not. That there is Oneness, however, is a certainty.

Love can be revealed in many forms, yet love is One Wholeness. Wholeness permeates. Perceive all.

You may not perceive Me everywhere, yet I swear to you that I am everywhere, and you are One with Me.There is nothing more nor less than star-spangled Oneness.

One under God is Truth – no two ways about it.

Where does My Heart lie but within yours? Who is My Heart and Soul’s Companion if not you? There is no escape for you to make, and why would you? Who holds My metaphoric hand unless you do? Who, Beloved, am I unless I am you fair and square?

You don’t have to be strait-laced. You don’t have to be outspokenly serious. You are not booted out from joy! There is no being booted out. Joy is joy and not stern. Make your life a breath of fresh air. What would you make out of life but fresh air? At the same time, life is no joke. Indeed, life is a mixed bag and turned every which way in and out, so it seems.

Pretty much every inch of life is one kind of surprise or another. Hello, today! So long! In a minute, We’ll pick up again tomorrow or start all over tomorrow or meet again in another day or two or yesteryear or another lifetime.

Nothing separates us from one another. We catch up soon enough or later in a dream or two away. We inevitably catch up along the way, even as there is no interruption to catch up to. Life is a walk or two around the block. We’re just catching up with each other as you may have thought We were ever for a moment parted. We are in on this for the long haul.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff