The Galactic Federation: Rising of the Phoenix

gfoleraoflightWelcome my friends. Here we are again, after attempting to communicate last week, only to find I felt, that … the channel/my mind … was being hacked. I will see how today’s session goes as to whether or not to add what I received. So, What Ho! How art thou?

We are indeed well, Blossom. We are never otherwise. We would like to speak of that which took place in your last communication, for we feel it would be beneficial.


There are those that are clear channels/channellers and those whose intention is to offer disparate information with the intention to confuse and upset the apple cart, so to speak.

We are more than happy that you are able to distinguish between ‘Our Energy’ and the very moment in which an interfering source tries to intersect.

So, I was right then. Although, I felt I got the go ahead from White Cloud to continue.

You thought. Yet, when checking in later you realised you had perhaps misinterpreted the imagery given.* Yet again, within the next paragraph, you saw correctly to discontinue and rightly so.

I will of course add the communication we are speaking of to the bottom of this one … otherwise no one will know what we are talking about! So, was it the content that ‘caused’ this?  Or my tiredness? Or both?

Both. When one is tiring of mind, it is far easier for a ‘hacker’ as you call it to ‘break in’ … even though blessings and protection had been correctly placed.

This, in a way, is a good lesson for all. In that … the minute one feels the slightest bit uncomfortable about … even a word … it is always best to check in. Those who choose to intervene to the detriment of all, are certainly adept in ways of making them ‘seem/appear’ to be of the Light, by interspersing both Truth and untruths. Hence, as we say … their goal is achieved by causing confusion amongst the ranks!

So, would we be wise to continue on the same topic? I have to admit, it did cross my mind that it may not be safe to do so!

Blossom … it is not that … it is not safe/was not safe … for we would never do anything to cause you concern within these messages.

Well, not for a long time … (leaving Oct 14th 2008 aside shall we!)

In ways of your physical and mental safety. The hackers were to confuse … not to ‘attack’.

Ok. Well let’s see … where this goes/how far … this goes. I have to say … there is a small tension around my heart area.

This is due to the Energy we are bringing through, which is of a Heightened Vibration. For, cannot you also feel a light-headedness that is not usually present?

Indeed. I can. Is that also due to the same thing?

Yes and more. For we are … due to the raising of YOUR Vibratory trajectory …

You like that word…

 … able now to  be even closer in Energy … to your ‘mind’ and therefore, our connection is stronger which cannot help but manifest in a physical sense, also. In time it shall settle.

In time over weeks or, during this session.

During this session.

Moving on!

We spoke of treasures within your Planet and hence, the reason why all eyes are on you.

(I suggest to readers to now go to the end and read the ‘aborted channelling’ posted below before continuing reading here.)

You are /have always been exceptionally special Beings of Light. Existing within a Game that was created to experience one end of the scale to the other, within a human experience … and this has most certainly been carried out.

It is hard to fully believe we are special Beings of Light when one looks into our behaviour, compared to what we hear of Light Beings of Great Light and intelligence and advanced Enlightenment on other Planets.

And yet … we would perhaps say that you are in disguise. We have often stated ‘All is not as it seems.’ You are experiencing Life on Planet Earth, yes … yet, you are also BEINGS OF LIGHT … of GREAT LIGHT … that are, would we say … fulfilling an agreed upon contract to bring about this Great Change that we speak of.

So, to go back to the treasures that all are waiting in anticipation to be uncovered … what is that all about?

It is about a GLORIOUS DIVINE uncovering of wonders. As we say … wonders that … had to be/are … in safe keeping until such time when ALL is ready to accept and receive that ‘returned’ state of Being.

Ok. I am going to just go for it and see where this leads. After the aborted channelling, I had a strong sense of a vast fleet of Light ships ‘bursting forth’ from under the pyramids in Egypt … and also, a strong vision of the sphynx. I looked it up afterwards, as I felt I had an inkling of this from information somewhere else before. Indeed there is speculation of something ‘underfoot!’ Interestingly when you sent through the words ‘Master Craft’ in the below communication, I THOUGHT you were going to say ‘Master craftsman’. Yet the ‘man’ bit didn’t happen. Am I on the right track?

Blossom, you are indeed on the right train (track) of thought. Although, not quite. In that, the craft are not actually ‘there’ in physical form … yet!

Were they ever?

Yes. The way to explain for easy understanding, is their ‘imprints’ were left behind long, long ago. So, we would say … they WERE present. They were imprinted deep within the Earth … and then they dematerialised … leaving a sleeping Energy … that shall remain asleep until the ‘unveiling’ is ready to take place. At which time … they shall rematerialize/reconstruct … under the ground … and shall also be ‘manned’ … Ready for the off. When all systems get the Green Light.

So many questions. Did this happen before or after the building of the pyramids and the sphinx etc.?

It happened at the same time. It was part of the plan. There was collaboration between Star Systems in order for this plan to come together. There are ‘history’ stories of the boulders being dragged from all around to make these pyramids. These stories do not speak of Truths of these boulders … doing as the ships … dematerialising and then reconstructing in Energy in the places they were required to be. There was much ‘magic’ encountered in order for this to be accomplished and brought to fruition.

So, is that the main reason for the pyramids? To have these Treasures hidden underneath?

There are many reasons for these collective Star Points. They certainly were not randomly built, and placed anywhere. They, as many are already aware … are perfectly placed … to line up to planetary movements … which in turn … work with Energetical Forces … that infuse these structures with unknown amounts of Vibrational Frequencies … that maintain ‘who’ they are and keep them ‘in working order’.

‘Who’ they are???

Energies of WHO they are. In the same way your Planet Earth is known as ‘Mother Gaia’ … These solid (yet, not) Portals are of the same ‘calling’ so to speak.  They are ‘alive’.

Ok. Let’s have a little recap here shall we? In case I miss something!

1) So these pyramids are Portals?


All of them?

No. Purposefully so! One of the secrets!

2) They are alive?

Yes. And this is difficult to describe. They can be alive … They can be dormant/statically disarmed.

Many of our Light ships ‘work’ the same. In that … they are a living organism. They are controlled by thought. They respond to ‘Thought Energy’. It can be that the ‘driver’ of a ‘craft’ is a thought … ‘delivered’ … to the ‘Energy make up’ of it … and it responds directly to that thought.

Yet ,without getting too involved in the ‘mechanisms’ of such things right now … ‘The Energy make up’ of a particular craft cannot respond to ‘any old thought that someone chooses to fling around!’ The particles that are its ‘make up’ must correspond with the ‘sender’ of the ‘Thought’s wave length’ … ‘Thought pattern make up’ … in order for it to connect and respond to.

And getting back to the pyramids … are we talking the same ‘structure’ of form here?  I sound like I know what I am talking about! I don’t. Yet, I do!

We are. We would furthermore explain that both the … ships/crafts … and the structures … are coded. They are programmed. Nothing within those mogalyths** … are of wasteful space.

Programmed for?


Ok. Hold the phone a minute! I don’t delve into ‘Ascension’ much. One step at a time. Let’s get The Event over and done with first! Yet … is THE RISING OF THE PHOENIX … Ascension?


WOW! What a mindblower! You are showing me fleets of ships everywhere, coming out of the Earth … meeting up with those in the skies … and … I am seeing the Planet actually rise up also … as if this merging of ships ( an other influences? ) causes this to happen! We have lit off!

This is the closest we can ‘show’ you in ways of understanding.

Yet, I do feel … this isn’t for a long while yet?

You are correct. This is in your future. Your future ‘you’s’ shall be part of this.

This … could not/cannot … possibly take place as this time for … in simple terms … it is not the time to do so. Nothing energetically is ready for such a happening. Yet, all that is taking place upon your Planet NOW is ‘building’ up towards this.

I know this is the end of today’s chat. I feel the nod from you. Well, blow me down with a feather. How interesting! Thank you so much. Far out! Perhaps, we should start writing Sci-Fi books together … You could make me a fortune! Loving your Energy. Loving your information. Loving you. In Gratitude … In Loving service … I AM.


Hello co-workers of Light. Not sure if my energy is conducive to a communication with you, as I am rather tired. Yet … no time like the present and life is pretty busy at the moment. So, here I am … reporting for duty!

Many thanks to you Blossom, for taking us into consideration within your schedule, of which we understand it is rather upbeat at this present time.

Always happy to ‘BE’ with you. A question many are considering is the possibility of meeting ‘Loved Ones’ that have passed, once The Event has taken place. I am not sure, yet, I think some other channellers might have said this would be? What do you have to say about it?

We would gently and persuasively say that it would not be the case in the manner that many are hoping for. In that … when The Event has ‘been and gone’ … one is not going to be in the same Dimension as souls who have passed over to … what White Cloud lovingly calls …‘The Summer Land.’

The Wave of Love that sweeps over your Planet will indeed lift one’s spirits, yet, not into the Dimensions where ‘spirits’, as you call them, reside.

However, we will clearly state that due to the upliftment, due to the Higher Energies, due to the feeling of Love that will have been raised beyond that which you can imagine … … those who are , as you say …  on the other side … will be much more readily available, in the sense that their Vibration will now be much more in alignment with those on the Earth plane.

One will not be able to physically touch them, yet, it will be almost as if one can feel them … as their proximity will be right next door, for want of an easy way of description.

Many will be working closely with those that have passed over … and may we say there are many, many on the other side of the veil who are ‘raring to go’ … to assist in assisting. To give strength and encouragement to those who find themselves in the position of ‘sharer’ and acknowledger of what it taking place.

We are aware too, Blossom, that many write in to you who are of ample age and concerned as to whether or not they will ‘Be around’ for THE EVENT. If it is meant to be that there flesh and bones are no longer in use … then this does not mean that their soul is also made redundant. Not by any stretch of the imagination.


Many, most, consider it to be more on the lines of lifting Planet Earth into a Higher Vibration, which indeed it will. Yet, let us categorically state … THIS IS NOT ASCENSION.  It is perhaps preparation for … YET, IT IS NOT ASCENSION. That is later and is a different thing altogether.

So, that which we are encouraging you to understand is that it is so much more than … as we say … the raising of the Vibration of the Planet Earth. By THE EVENT taking place … it shifts ALL THAT IS into a Higher place also … it cannot not!  Therefore, all eyes are on you. You souls of Light upon Earth. For it is known that the shift in Energy … will shift each and every one … and every Planet and Universe and Galaxy … Literally.

Really? Yet, with respect, we are the size of a crumb compared to ‘what is out there’.  How can this be?

Because your Planet carries with it, within it … jewels of untold mysteries. A benevolence that is contained within its Majesty that no other Planet has.

Woah! Hold on a minute! This is HUGE! Like what … I mean what are you talking about?

This, Blossom is why … exactly why … all eyes are on you!

Clarifying you mean our Planet and not me, Blossom Goodchild?



The secrets of ancient days lay buried within Master Craft that are yet to be revealed … They were buried in/for safety … so that those who do not /did not have the Highest Good of all in their plan were unable to retrieve them. Although we would say, that ‘some of these priceless gems’ were discovered due to skulduggery … and when in the wrong hands, set into play much that went awry upon your Planet.

However … Knights in shining armour … sworn to secrecy … courageously went to their deaths in order to keep these secrets safe.

Wait. Wait. Wait! So, is there anyone on the Planet who knows of these and where they are?

Blossom, this is hard to explain. These secrets are only to be … will only be uncovered … when your Planet is in safe hands! If your Planet was not completely rid of the darker energies that still wish to deceive, it would be far too dangerous for even a hint of what they are to be uncovered.

We would comment that yes, there are a sacred few who are in knowledge of such things. Yet, they do not know that they are at this time. For it would not be beneficial for them to know that they are the keepers of these sacred mysteries … until such time when they are called upon to ‘unleash’ them.

To be honest guys I do not feel happy about that word ‘unleash’ … that sort of makes me think of setting the dogs on someone … (I checked in with White Cloud and I feel safe to continue) … yet, could you clarify what that means to you?

In our thoughts we think of terms of ‘set free’ … unbound from shackles …

I am at a loss as to where to go from here … like … this is a real humdinger you have suddenly dropped in out of the blue … I guess the way forward is to ask … what does it all mean ?

It means that the keys to the kingdom are presented. Ways of tenure will change greatly for the benefit of all … Understanding of riches , not just of the soul … yet of universal guidance , into the future will be prompted to reveal uncovering’s that undermine necessary trajectories in order for circumferences to stand tall.

Guys, does that even make sense?? I think not.  I am questioning whether to continue, for I feel I am perhaps getting interference through due to subject matter. I checked in again with White Cloud and felt he was suggesting I cease with this communication as indeed  … this last paragraph to me is gobbledegook!  So annoying, because I had this ‘time frame’ to channel. Hey Ho! … All is as should be. I shall continue another time … I just have to find it! What on Earth is this all about? ( End of communication.)

* I received an image of “The sword of Light’ held by Archangel Michael. After I had aborted I checked in on that … and sensed that it was more an image for me to put up my protection rather than it being Ok to continue. You live and learn … always!

**I definitely got the word “Mogalyth’ … and yet when I googled it I found one book called The Mogalith Builders’ … Everything else was the word “megalith’ for large stone structures. Surely the woman who wrote an entire book would not spell the title wrongly!! Just saying!



» Source » Channel: Blossom Goodchild