Babaji: Remedying The Lack of Self-Confidence


The lack of self-confidence causes warriors of light to hesitate when they should be taking action! We now want to remedy this deficiency.


Fears from a long time ago are still blocking you, and therefore you are reluctant to put overdue projects into practice. Your ancestors and you have suffered injuries and endured pains in the course of many lifetimes.

These experiences have been deeply ingrained into your cellular consciousness and often make you take a step back when you should be rushing forward.

How can these old blockades be mastered?

1.) By becoming aware that they exist.

Realize that these phenomena exist inside you. This is the first step – being honest with yourselves.

2.) Become sensitive to even the slightest sensation of fear. How does it feel to „go public“? What happens inside you when you stand up for your views in front of your circle of friends or an even bigger circle? Notice your reaction when you experience resentment, get to the bottom of your emotional state when you are facing open animosity.


by acting out certain situations. Where ever you become insecure and notice fears, that’s where the potential for healing lies. That’s where I interfere by reestablishing the right energetic correlations.

Your job is paying conscious attention to your discomfort around the topic of power and the use of power, and around the issue of self-consciousness.

My job is healing all wounds and returning to you the full robe of a warrior of light.

Today it takes people who are self-aware and who have learned how to deal with their strength and power. It takes people who know that the victory of light can only be achieved if the individual is aware of the power of their own light.

Heal your deep inner wounds. Life by life will be returned to you – so that now you can fulfill your missions and complete your life.

I am with you. Get to work – because it is worthwhile to open your heart in this time of God’s grace.



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl