Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Cabal Rule Could Collapse Within Three Months

eol alt newsThere is a real possibility that the Khazar Kabbalah will collapse in the next three months and that the alternative power structures must be ready for this moment, according to MI6’s British secret services. The triggering cause is likely to be the arrest of Kabbalistic leaders in the United States from October, sources say.

Sources from the Pentagon say: The Kabbalah has been abbreviated for over two weeks, so according to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation before the Supreme Court great things should happen.

Kavanaugh is ready to be confirmed after Yom Kippur on September 20, and on the same day the President of the United States, Donald Trump, could send messages to all cell phones to reach more people with Twitter. In addition, sources say FEMA will also test the unified emergency radio system on all televisions so that when combined with wireless text messaging, it allows Trump to send messages in real time and share truths like bombs.

The exact nature of what the emergency call system tells the American people is not yet clear. However, last week representatives of Swiss bank gnomes in Zurich, the Russian FSB, MI6, the Japanese royal family and an Asian secret society contacted the White Dragon Society (WDS). The fact that these sources, many of which had stopped contact since the nuclear terrorist attack and the Fukushima tsunami of 11 March 2011, suddenly came out of nowhere is a clear sign that something big is about to happen.

CIA sources associated with secret bases in Antarctica say that the sudden wave of activity in the intelligence community is related to the sudden closure of seven solar observers last week. In particular, the sources say:

The Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico, observes the sun since the Roswell accident. They belong to a special off-grid group called The Watchers. There are many of these special observatories strategically located all over the planet.

They have files full of photos and video recordings of wingmaker ships arriving through the sun, as well as of large ships arriving under the mandate of the Observatory and the Humanitarian Administration of the Galactic Federation.

Kabbalah and Deep State are on the corner. They are climbing on the mirrors. I am in a state of fear and panic. Arrangements have been made.

We don’t know the end yet. These can be directed against them and used as the main action in disclosing the event.

The source sent us three photos of the solar observations that led to the observers’ closure.

The MI6 source said observers were closed because they wanted to conduct a more orderly disclosure process so as not to cause panic or misunderstandings among the surface population.

In any case, this could be related to the recent enormous increase in UFO sightings across the planet. Below are links to two examples in traditional media:

There has also been an unprecedented increase in tropical storm activity, which could be related to unusual solar activity. Last week, the entire tropical region was covered by a belt of storms, seven of which were large enough to be considered.

It is very interesting that the Swiss bankers in Zurich have for the first time decided to send an envoy to the WDS. Vincenzo Mazzara and Leo Zagami of P2 Lodge, who previously stated that they had received orders from foreigners based in Switzerland, led by a unit called Black Sun, confirmed that the Swiss bankers had sent an envoy to the WDS for the first time. The Swiss representative confirmed that their leadership had received orders from “Black Sun” and that he was communicating with them about gamma rays.

At this point, the readers who are used to this report and stick to real issues are probably shaking their heads and wondering if anyone has screwed us. The answer is that the forensic trail is followed by primary sources like David Rockefeller, the Rothschilds, the British royal family, the Asian secret societies, etc. …. They all point to a kind of control network on this planet based in Switzerland.

It may be that all these things in a very small space, just smoke and skylarks mirrors, intended to hide a small cabal of old people (many sources say they are the elders of Zion) with curious glances, have dominated a population that for so long has been lost to the world.



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