Ashtar: On The Verge

ashtarI Am Ashtar. And as always it is a pleasure to be with you, especially in these times now. These times that we are now beginning more and more to celebrate. We’re celebrating not our involvement, but your involvement, your progress. All that you are bringing forward into these next moments that are upon you.

Many of you are beginning to have more and more sightings of those of us, those of our ships, many more of you are seeing beyond the veil. Getting those glimpses as has been said many times.

I tell you now that this is only the beginning, for much that has been heralded is now going to begin, is now going to come forth. We in the ships as we’ve said previously have been parked far out here in your space, around your planet, but we are coming closer and closer, we are beginning to move closer and closer. And one day, not into the too distant future, will be known as the day the stars fell. That will when our ships will pierce through the atmosphere of the Earth and appear everywhere, across your entire planet.

Those times are coming, and the preparations are being made in many different ways, many truths are coming forward, being revealed. And preparations are being planned, for the many announcements that are to come forth. What you have been told about your broadcast system is correct. Many of you are coming to understand that your entire broadcast system can be overtaken, at a switch of a button, the turning of a switch.

You are on the verge now, of the great many changes, great many revealings, much to come forward. But I want you to know that many of you where you think that you are in a3Dimensional space, that you are still trapped within the illusion, within the matrix. But you are not. You only think you are, your conscious knowing self continues to hold you there. But your heart, that part of you that resides beyond your conscious knowing self, has all ready lifted into the higher vibrations, has all ready lifted into the higher 4th and even into the 5th dimension at times. And you are a 3 dimensional consciousness that is attempting to live in a 5th dimensional awareness. That is not possible, without a great many physical symptoms to come over you. Which is what many of you are experiencing now.

Many of you are experiencing what are called the ascension symptoms. Because you are attempting to be in that 5th dimensional space, but to keep your three dimensional consciousness. And we say to you no, do not do that. Let that 3 dimensional consciousness go, more and more. Go with the flow. Let it be.

All of these sayings are designed to take you away from the 3 dimensional consciousness, designed to lift you up, into the higher knowing of your being. That higher knowing that you all ready have. It just alludes you. Because your lower consciousness, or your lower chakra system continues to hold on, to hold you down. But it cannot do so for much longer. And when that pulse of energy comes from the Galactic Central Sun, known as the Event, or the changeover, then in those moments, you will be lifted up. Your conscious knowing self will be lifted up. Because it will not know anything different at that time.

For the old ways, the old comfort zone, will no longer be comfortable. For you will not be comfortable in the old paradigm. Just as many of you are not comfortable in that now.

So I say to you, lift up, lift up your hearts, lift up your minds, into those higher vibrations. And continue to do so in every opportunity that you have.

Find a beauty in everything. Because the beauty is in everything.

I Am Ashtar. And I leave you now at this time. But know that we are always with you. We are just a whisper away. For we can be more fully with you, and will be in the not far off future.

Peace and love be will all of you. Ashtar out.



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