The Eyes Of Our Soul Become Clearer

third eye chakraAs the eyes of our soul become sharper, all truths are questioned under the big bright light of review. Once proof was in the pudding, now the proof and the pudding is ghosting all of us, appearing as both a particle and wave, quantifying the senses. We lean forward in time holding the seat of the soul, as we enter un-chartered waters on a ‘see of confusion’. Someone asked for adventure??

In these upcoming alterations the universe asks for movement forward if one is not going to sink into the dimensional quagmire of the past. Movement and deliberation are demanded by the Universe. Life is denser and contains more than in the past. Earth has changed and so has her people, continually adjusting to all that is thrown at them. People are hardened and softened at the same time. This conflict creates tension in the body causing unexpected aches and pains. The emotions are on high alert as the body feels all the global shifts, changes and decisions without any proof.

We bend over to life’s demands. We try to bend time, like a sliver spoon wrapping it around our dreams. Each dawn brings more choices, changes and challenges. Heartstrings are pulled, wallets are sprained, and emotions are moody. Step gently into these unsettled times that come sniffing around your encampment. Allow the energies to swim around you, hold steady to who you are. Do not lose yourself as the big waves splash upon the shores of old.



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