How the DEA became the biggest pro-drug, pro-crime gang in America

deaHistorically, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been an extremely controversial organization. While the brainwashed sheep likely believe them to be a trustworthy group that is preventing our children from getting hooked on drugs, those who have been paying attention should be well aware of the numerous assaults on personal freedom the federal group has been engaging in over the years.

How, exactly, they reached this point is a fascinating story.

The DEA was first formed back in 1973 under then-President Richard Nixon as a way to combat the now-infamous War on Drugs. While they should have known back then — decades after alcohol prohibition proved to be a colossal flop — that trying to outlaw mind-altering substances was a huge mistake, that didn’t stop the DEA from waging on for decades after.

Now, unfortunately, they are stronger than ever and have become a drug-peddling gang that has completely bastardized their original intent. While their original intent wasn’t exactly a good thing in the first place — especially given what we now know about cannabis — what they have grown to be in the years following their creation is nothing short of disgusting.

See, the War on Drugs and alcohol prohibition were both instilled for one reason: to leech money out of the American people’s pockets. The federal government was and is well aware that the average American engages in some form of drug use — whether it be cannabis, alcohol, or something else — and an overwhelming majority use them relatively responsibly. But there’s money to be made when these things are criminalized.

By catching and fining users of drugs and alcohol, the DEA was able to become extremely profitable. The fact that they were infringing on the personal liberties of their country’s people was irrelevant because they were making absurd amounts of money.

Over the years, as they always do, the organization has gotten greedier and greedier — going to even greater lengths in order to make a little bit more dough. There’s substantial evidence to prove that the DEA has actually been funding gangs, drug kingpins and other criminal organizations for decades now.

By funding the operations of criminals, the DEA has more people to catch, fine and incarcerate, which makes for substantially larger profits for them.

This is, in a nutshell, how the federal government works in 2016. They don’t care about the American people. Our livelihood is of no concern. They merely want to collect more and more money from us in an attempt to profit off of the “laws” that we break by engaging in a personal freedom. It’s insane, unconstitutional and, frankly, un-American.

If our Founding Fathers could see what the government they fought so hard to keep grounded has become, they would surely be turning over in their graves — graves that the DEA would probably break into in search of a gram of marijuana.

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