Experts come forward to answer questions about the dark reality of chemtrails

chemtrails-switzerland1Whenever most people hear the terms “chemtrails” and “weather modification” they tend to roll their eyes and classify the person talking about those subjects as a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nut. Fewer people recognize the term “geo-engineering,” but all three of these refer to the same thing: cloud-seeding to create weather patterns in order to effect a certain climate outcome for a region.

As noted earlier in a report by Natural News, the concept isn’t new. In fact, it can be traced at least to a 1996 Air Force research paper, which identified “weather” as a potential “force multiplier” – that is, weather can be used as a means of enhancing U.S. military forces during a conflict.

In more recent times, actual companies have sprung up that offer weather modification services in response to the need of governments to manage water resources and monitor “environmental quality.” Cloud-seeding – a scientific technique designed to “enhance a cloud’s ability to produce moisture” – is one of these services.

So, clearly there isn’t any wild conspiracy here. In fact, as reported by Secrets of the Fed, pilots, scientists and doctors in this video reveal the truth about chemtrails – what they are, why they are being deployed, and what they mean to the overall health of the human race and the planet. One of the people providing testimony at a forum on the subject called them a “threat” to humanity.

Rising levels of aluminum in soil, water

“We’ve been led astray by the military and industrial complex, and they’re responsible” for the creation and deployment of chemtrails that serve as the underpinning of a “weather modification program,” said Allan Buckmann, former military meteorologist and fish and game biologist. He called them “dark operations,” which is why there is little serious media coverage of such programs.

Mark McCandlish, a former defense industry technician, testified that what people are seeing in chemtrails that take several minutes to dissipate – unlike contrails which are frozen water crystals from jet engine exhaust that dissolve quickly – is “aluminum floating in the air.”

Others in the video echoed McCandlish’s claims, adding that other substances like strontium, manganese, barium and other compounds are also in the chemtrails.

Francis Mangles, a U.S. Forest Service biologist, said that he has tested rain for aluminum content. Noting that rainwater should not contain any aluminum, he testified that water he analyzed in 2013 contained 13,100 micrograms per liter. “So 13,100 is pretty damned much, folks,” Mangles said, adding that during the earlier 2000s, the amount was only “in the hundreds” per liter, then rose to about 1,000 in 2010.

Mangles said that snow he tested from “pristine Mt. Shasta,” located in northern California, contained 61,000 mcg/ltr, or roughly four times the amount found in the soil there.

“Where in the hell is this stuff coming from if it’s not coming from the soil?” he asked rhetorically.

Number of neuro-degenerative cases ‘have quadrupled’

Buckmann added that today we can see clouds in the sky that have never been seen before.

Aluminum – the most widely-used metal on the planet – is toxic to humans and animals. It is especially destructive to the central nervous system, with studies indicating that the metal is instrumental in degenerative brain diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Symptoms include flatulence, headaches, dry mucous membranes, heartburn, a tendency to develop colds easily, burning pain in the head that is relieved by food, skin dryness and an aversion to meat.

“A brain autopsy study of elderly people found them to have average aluminum levels 20 times higher than middle-aged groups,” says this article from Natural News Blogs.

During testimony, as shown in the above video, Dr. Hamid Rabiee, a neurologist with nearly two decades experience, said that in the past five years the number of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other patients with neuro-degenerative diseases he has seen has “almost quadrupled.”