The Pleiadians: Sexual Expression

output_bqU4zdSexuality and a abundant loving relationship can be profound and take you into other worlds, revitalize your body and remind your body of its most idealized patterns.

Using sexual expression to regenerate yourself rather than degenerate yourself is the ideal you will pursue.

Dealing with sexuality involves dealing with hormones, sex excites the very core of your cells, and the light incoded filaments become intwine with one another, in a magnet the energy’s all line up and face the same way. When you become sexual and do the dance that starts in your hormones, your whole body lines up in one direction, when you and another individual are lined up.

You are like the north and south poles, your body turns into a magnet, when you and another individual achieve a hightend state of electromagnetic force you pull on one another.

And create a balance between each other, when you get really good at this you will not even have to touch each other, you can create this web of love between you, and it is through this force field that your inner bodies arise and go into other worlds.

We think sexuality is one of the most exciting gifts you have been given, and we want to guide you further along this journey.

So that you can have a better time on earth, love yourself and love earth, because they are one and the same, and that means every part of your body, you need to talk about sex, make a commitment to accept every area of your body and to draw a partner to yourself who will honor every area of your body.

Know that your partner will be wanting and willing to be into this glorious part of your god/goddess force, you inherit the blue print of every person with whom you have sex, so you have not only your own stuff to deal with but theirs as well. When your body comes together with anothers your chakra’s are stirred, and your kundalini is moved. If your kundalini is only moved into your lower 2 chakra’s and it is not a full body infusion, you can have hooks into the other persons auric field, and they can have hooks into yours. This is why it is important to be very selective about who your going to have sex with. Make sure if you are going to go for it that you have some kind of bond and commitment and that you plan on working things out. Because in this day of accelerated time and sped up energy you can take on everything from someone else.