15 Ways Vitamin C can Improve Your Health (And best natural sources)

vitamin-c-650xVitamin C is one of the most popular dietary supplements. And it’s for a good reason – vitamin C benefits our heart, skin, blood vessels and much more. So we need to consume sufficient amounts of this vitamin in our diet.

Lucky, you don’t have to buy supplements to get enough vitamin C, you can get it from whole foods. Here are 15 benefits of vitamin C and the best sources.

Rich in antioxidants

Research shows that vitamin C is full of antioxidants which protect the body from free radicals that can cause oxidative stress. And this can consequently lead to atherosclerosis, stroke and heart disease.

Helps relax blood vessels

When the blood vessels aren’t able to dilate enough to allow good flow of blood it can lead to heart attacks and stroke. Well, vitamin C relaxes and expands the blood vessels, allowing proper flow of blood. This study shows that increase of plasma vitamin C lowered heart failure deaths by 9 percent.

Lowers bad cholesterol

Vitamin C reduces bad cholesterol in the blood. It breaks down the cholesterol and makes it easy to remove from the body.

Treats common cold

Vitamin C reduces and eliminates symptoms of cold. It acts as an antihistamine which reduces the effects of cold or shortens the duration of cold.

Improves skin health

Vitamin C improves skin elasticity, eliminates saggy skin and wrinkles. You’ll notice that vitamin C is used in most skin moisturizers due to these benefits.

Lowers blood pressure

Research shows that vitamin C can lower blood pressure. This will ultimately result to a stronger and healthier heart.

Reduces effects of stress

Vitamin C has great benefits to our brain and nervous system. And this nutrient also helps regulate stress hormone levels.

Regulates blood sugar levels

Diabetics can greatly benefit from consuming enough vitamin C. It helps regulate blood sugar levels and reduce diabetes complications.

Reduces risk of cancer

This study shows that vitamin C reduces risk of pancreatic cancer. Other studies have shown reduced risk in mouth, throat, colon, and stomach cancer. Note that vitamin C doesn’t fight cancer cells but it strengthens the immune system which makes it easier to fight cancer.

Reduces asthma symptoms

Vitamin C can help people with asthma. It has antioxidant and antihistamine properties which will improve lungs and airways function.

Heal wounds faster

Eating fruits and vegetables will heal your wounds faster. Vitamin C enhances repair of damaged tissues. And as I mentioned earlier, it improves skin elasticity which makes it easy for scars to form.

Lowers lead levels in blood

Vitamin C eliminates lead toxicity by reducing the amount of lead in the blood. Lead has been linked to high blood pressure and kidney problems in adults.

Prevents loss of breath

Vitamin C can eliminate shortness of breath, wheezing and coughs.

Reduces arthritis symptoms

Research shows that getting sufficient vitamin C will eliminate swelling, inflammation and joint pain in people with arthritis.

Increases energy

Sufficient vitamin C will make you more energetic. It improves adrenal function and production of dopamine.

Best Natural Sources of Vitamin C




Red peppers



Brussels sprouts


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