The Council: Power of Colors

thecouncilQuestioner: I would like to know if you could express to us or to myself, the relationship between color and sound?
The Council: They are basically vibrations, energies. The sound being the lower, the color being the higher. These can be used also in attuning oneself on the vibration level, or in the idea or vibration. When one looks at the body not as such but as a concentrated form of energy or vibration, then when one realizes this is really the case, then sound and colored lights can be applied to do many things for the spirit. But it is limited. The only true answer for the spirit rising its vibrations is to love, to love, to love.
Questioner: Can a grandparent talk to a grandchild who lives in another city at nighttime when they are asleep?
The Council: If the grandparent or grandmother or grandfather can control their mind and direct it, yes. It works more in the line of what is referred to as telepathy, but it is still conversation with an entity in an altered state of consciousness. We would suggest in a situation like that, if necessary to use visualization as an assistance in it, we would suggest using a beam of light that the words or sentences are carried on. Depending on your own personal evaluation or evolvement or concepts of color, you may choose any color of light or ray that you would like. The most common in individuals would be a color pink which would carry those words on a rainbow or arc or beam of light evolved or enveloped in love. Now the pink, as a general rule, each of you have your own personal interpretations, but the overall concept and accepted motivating force behind the color pink is a guiding or protective or brotherly love, so if you have that concept of the color pink, visualize your words being enveloped or surrounded by that color. Then it becomes, how shall we say, charged a little more.

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