8 Effective Ways To Detox GMOs From Your Body

indexChances are you’ve consumed genetically modified foods or foods with chemical residues. These foods leave toxins in the body. So you have to eliminate GMO toxins to maintain optimal health.

But detoxing won’t do all the magic – avoid GMO foods. Buy organic foods or eat foods with low pesticide residues. Note that eating in restaurants, supplements, and packaged foods can expose you to GMOs.

Below are 8 ways you can eliminate GMO toxins from your body.

1. Eat more fiber

Frankly, fiber can eliminate most health and weight issues. It improves digestions, prevents and treats chronic diseases, enhances weight loss and lower risk of some cancers.

Fiber helps the good gut bacteria and eliminates toxins through the colon. Make sure you get at least 25 grams of fiber a day.

2. Drink more water

Drinking water improves function of organs, eases transfer of nutrients, and enhances bowel movement. It also allows toxins to be eliminated through sweat and urine. Unfortunately, most of us drink water filled with toxins. So you should use water filters and other water treatment methods.

3. Consume probiotics

Probiotics and fermented foods strengthen the good bacteria and enable it eliminate the harmful substances in diet, according to research. Yoghurt, fermented vegetables, and probiotics supplements are some of the foods you should eat.

4. Use organic Sulphur

Organic Sulphur improves liver function and its effectiveness to get rid of toxins. In fact, lack of this nutrient can increase toxins in the body.

5. Use herbs

Herbs like cascara sagrada and wild burdock root can get rid of GMO toxins. These herbs have cleansing properties – they can clean the blood and the digestive system.

6. Drink green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and low in caffeine compared to coffee. Green tea has also shown weight loss benefits.

7. Sweat it out

Sweating is one of the ways the body gets rid of toxins. So get in a sauna often and do exercises that will make you sweat.

8. Massage

Note that there’s no scientific research to back this claim, but some experts believe massage can get rid of toxins. They argue that pressure applied on the body eliminates toxins from the muscle tissues and cells.

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