The Elohim: A Time of Mass Awakening

ertyGreetings beloved ones we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support at a time of mass awakening of all levels of your BEing. For many of you this is a time of supercharging, a time when you can FEEL the flow of the New Earth energies coursing through your human vehicle, for others it is the beginning of the upgrading of the human vehicle, the downloading and uploading of various LIGHT codes in preparation for all that will now flow across and within planet earth. The movement of ALL out of the old 3d earth CREATED reality is NOW beloved ones and we guide for you to LET GO and ALLOW ALL to FLOW.

The ocean does not attempt to hold back the waves for fear of losing part of its fluidity and you in your human form are asked the same. For many of you are attempting to hold back the changes that are now flowing into and around you. Believing that if you are not in conscious control of all then you will lose control and this beloved ones is the teachings of the old 3d earth reality that is now dissolving. For at SOUL level you are in full control, you are navigating your human form into position in order to align fully with your SOUL and your SOUL purpose, for each one of you incarnate into human form has a purpose upon this planet and this will now become more and more illuminated for you from WITHIN YOU.

The outpouring of emotions across and within planet earth are now working to release the pent up energies that have been stored within Mother Earth and human consciousness for aeons, this outpouring is relieving the pressure on humanity as a whole, albeit the old 3d earth reality is trying to teach you that the opposite is happening. This pent up emotion is now being dissolved by the LOVE that IS and we guide for ALL to LET GO and release, for it serves no one least of all SELF to hold on believing that somehow disaster will ripple throughout your life experience. That is what the old 3d earth reality taught you to believe in order that you hold on and build up the resistance to the LOVE that IS.

The LOVE that IS is a frequency that is inherent within you, it is your natural state of BEing and as such you are drawn to it like a moth to a flame, many are now struggling with this and holding on believing that they are not able to hold on to the LOVE that IS and that somehow the LOVE that IS is not real. This filters out your very substance beloved ones for it is not for you to store the LOVE that IS within so much as to allow it to naturally FLOW THROUGH YOU, for you have been taught to hoard and to store when in essence ALL FLOWS for the universe is an energy that continually shifts, moves and FLOWS.

We ask for you to allow the natural rhythms of the universe to begin to take anchor within you, to let go of schedules and routines that have been CREATED FOR you and allow your natural way of BEing to birth around you, through you and within you for in TRUTH beloved ones FLOW is YOU. Do you understand our guidance beloved ones? do you understand that the universe is trying to harmonize you with ALL and that the old 3d earth reality taught you to resist your very nature?

For some at this time this is a time of mass breakings, in order to grow the shell of the old 3d earth has to be broken from within and we highlight from within, for many are of the belief that this is happening TO them and we guide for clarity beloved ones that this is a process that is happening from WITHIN YOU. YOUr outer waking world the reflection of your inner space and the old 3d earth teaching the mirrors heavily, it taught that you change the outer, filtering out that the outer is merely a reflection and cannot be changed on its own. The New Earth energies now seek to remind you of your own power, that power is WITHIN YOU beloved ones and will now come to the surface to be acknowledged. It can only swim to the surface when you have allowed the dam to burst, the emotions to flow and the lower dimensional frequencies they are created FROM to dissolve fully within the LOVE that IS at this time.

HUGE miracles will now unfold within the human race for the human race have begun to remember and this process will now rapidly speed up, the ascension process now fully underway and those who are awakening now awakening to deepening levels. As you now begin to understand the process and who YOU ARE in TRUTH you are able to work TOGETHER, to remember that ALL ARE ONE and to understand that ALL JUST IS. There is immense power in this beloved ones and all are now supporting to new levels of our awareness.

We walk with you always beloved ones, more and more in human form now connect and work with us personally and this will only increase as the frequency and the vibration of Mother Earth now increases in preparation for the gifts that are to be born THROUGH the human race. We send you the LOVE that IS in the form of the BLUE RAYS of CONSCIOUSNESS and we ask for you to understand that they are only the beginning of the RAINBOW that will now bloom across and within planet earth at this time.

We send out the codings of 444 and 555 and we ask for you to anchor TRUTH to new levels of your BEing. Those who now walk in the BLUE RAYS of CONSCIOUSNESS will now be recoded to the higher levels of LIGHT in preparation for the next part of this human life journey.

BREATHE and BE beloved ones for the expansion of human consciousness is now fully underway and the reflection will be seen by all upon and within planet earth in TRUTH. RELAX and BE for ALL is NOW in TRUTH.