November Empowered Choices

147766794286602November will roll in with a plethora of raw emotions arising within people in all kinds of settings. The year already has been full of intensity, and things are about to heat up even more.

Regardless of where you live, you will be able to sense this in the air. Some issues like climate, elections, and refugees may seem more local. However, today with our 24/7 interconnected and interdependent world, there are no borders to contain the effect of issues that can impact all of humanity.

Key Issues

Even people who don’t normally get emotional may get caught up in the wave of feelings to be aired on social media. Unless you have been hibernating or just dropped in from another planet, you already know about many key issues currently being debated on the world stage.

Examples: (1) the hotly-contested U.S. elections, voters going to the polls November 8, the day Mars moves into Aquarius to signal a new direction (2) November 7-18 is COP-22 in Morocco, revisiting themes from the December 2015 Paris climate summit (3) as violence escalates in the Middle East, so does an impenetrable crisis for refugees and migrants.

The more sensitive and informed you are, the more you are likely to care deeply about such key issues. Even if you are fed up with the media frenzy involving many topics, underneath your frustration you probably do care a lot about the state of our world and your place in it.

Key Energies

Adding to the intensity of November dramas is a mix of planetary energies that is likely to stimulate even more radical revolutionary changes. These changes will be felt on both an individual and collective level.

Examples: (1) just before the month begins, we have a powerful New Moon October 30; that moon is in Scorpio, a sign associated with mystery and things coming out of the shadows and into the light (2) not long after the U.S. elections we have an intense supermoon November 14; this will stir lots of emotions; it’s also likely to illuminate the need to make new choices and to make peace with choices already made (3) we are also still feeling the ripples of the harsh line-up between Uranus and Pluto; that cycle, at its height between 2012-2015, will continue to catalyze sudden and profound changes throughout this decade.

How to Take Back Your Power

A common issue for most people living today is feeling dis-empowered when so much of life can feel like it’s spinning out of control. Some of this has to do with the sheer magnitude of changes and the constant need to adapt to something brand new. The bigger picture relates to living during the most radical revolution of human consciousness ever experienced to date. It’s messy, turbulent, and full of uncertainties. The everyday is personal while also global, people being impacted by things happening thousands of miles away.

Here’s the other thing about empowerment, from my book Earth’s Pivotal Years. “You have grown up in a world dominated by ego-based power and greed. The message from the media is that the people with money and political influence are the ones who have the power. The ordinary person is made to feel powerless over his or her circumstances. As you find out how to get in touch with your natural divine state, you realize that you are connected to an unlimited source of creation. You are then able to see yourself as the divine changemaker that you are.”

November Choices

You have choices all the time – big ones, little ones – yet in these moments some choices may be associated with stress, confusion, or emotional distress. It’s not your imagination when you sense that the decisions you and humanity face now are more pivotal than those in other historical times. So much is at stake – from climate and life sustaining resources to safety amidst violence and country leadership that decides the fate of personal freedoms and whether people are honored regardless of their diverse characteristics.

There is a learned tendency to think that your ideas and actions do not matter. You have been conditioned to believe that you must struggle, and that there’s little you can do to change things. You have learned to settle, or to simply take a back seat when those in power make decisions and tell you what you must accept.

Here’s where the real revolutionary change occurs – when you awaken to your true power to create and remember that you have a voice. You then become skilled using your voice in constructive and light-filled ways. What does this look like in practice? A few examples are listed below.

Begin with you. You can be an active participant in your own progress by being more conscious and present to yourself. There is a higher wisdom within you that knows what’s best in each moment. That includes the ideal activities, self-care, and interactions with others. It also includes a knowing of inner dialogue and feelings – becoming more present to these helps you to manage negative self-talk and address emotional upset. In a calmer and more balanced state, you become resourced to interact with the outside world in a more empowered way. You learn to take responsibility for your own choices – including your thoughts, words, and responses. Doing this, you know that your energy and what you say and do has significance in outcomes.

Expand the reach of your voice. This means taking what you have on the inside and bringing it out into the world in an active and conscious way. Start with your circles of friends and family and take it out into the community. Be one who brings a grounded spiritual approach to discussions, activities, and relationship dynamics. Use your voice to help create positive change. Start with things that you care about. If you want more responsible development and land use, let your voice be heard at the community level. If you want products without chemicals or additives, buy the healthier options and express your wishes at the corporate and grassroots level. Rather than complaining about what you dislike, express what you do want – trusting that your voice does matter.

Be an enlightened voice within your country. Wherever you live, you are a citizen of that country and you want to take an active role so that your voice is in the mix. Embrace your power to create. This means you avoid complaining and sitting on the sidelines, waiting for others to act. If there is an election and you live in a country with voting rights, use those rights – at both a local and national level. It is self-sabotage to say that your vote doesn’t matter or that nothing will change so why bother voting. Saying “no” to voting is an action, one of default, coming from anger and victim mentality. No vote means that you have no say in what happens to climate, the economy, human rights, justice, and the balance of peace in the world. No vote means that you have chosen to have your voice silenced, as though it doesn’t matter. A wise part of you knows that your voice does indeed matter.

In all of these cases, intend that your voice be an instrumental catalyst for positive changes in the world. Without micromanaging how your efforts play out or who listens, embrace your quantum ability to make a difference. Allow the universe to surprise you with what shows up. And stay engaged, regardless of outer appearances that can be deceiving. Know that you are never alone, but resourced by an unlimited reservoir of light that is boundless and eternal.

Activate your lightness of being by building your own tribe of people who are loving and kind, spending time with them and contributing to the growing global awakening of human kind.

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