Ancient Coin Depicting Extraterrestrial

nintchdbpict000274684660A SET of ancient Egyptian coins could be proof that an alien race visited Earth thousands of years ago, say conspiracists.

One coin, found during a house renovation in Egypt, seems to depict a spaceship hovering above the ground.

Another seems to show the head of an extra-terrestrial being, with huge hollow eyes, a bald head and thin cheeks.

Now UFO hunters are claiming that they are point to the existence of alien life walking among us.

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Mysterious says: “A group of people who worked on the renovation of a house in southern Egypt found a number of very rare coins.

They call the coins “unique” because other coins have “no images of a strange human figure.”

The site adds:” It is possible that the coin show visiting aliens on planet earth? According to many ufologists  – the answer is yes.”

The site also notes that one of the coins – which have not been authenticated – has “OPPORTUNUS Adest” carved on the back, Latin for “it’s here in due time”.

The site says UFO hunters believe that points to a planned return of the alien race at some time in the future.

However, it could all be an elaborate hoax as no experts have verified the coins are real.

Conspiracy theorists recently claimed that an gigantic alien city was hidden under the Gulf of California.

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