Planetary Illuminations For June 2017


Several of the bigger planetary influences that we have been experiencing are on the wane now, some have temporarily receded into the background and some are gone for good.  They are still operational, but not as intense.

The focus on healing the past of the square from Saturn (tests and growth) to Chiron (healing) will return in October/November.  The challenge of optimism and growth (Jupiter) against surrender and radical change (Uranus and Pluto) will return between August and October.  The harmonious interaction that has been helping us to create new forms (Saturn) out of the dust of change (Uranus) will return in November to help settle everything into place.

Jupiter and Neptune both change direction this month.  When a planet appears to change direction its movement slows down to a virtual standstill in preparation for its reversal.  We call that a “station” because the planet is stationary for a period of time, and during that time its astrological influence is all the more powerful. This means that Jupiter and Neptune are particularly strong this month and we are likely to see an increase of optimism, perhaps to the point of recklessness (Jupiter) and a focus on idealism and sacrifice, and potentially confusion and delusion (Neptune).

JUNE DETAILS  (see the bottom of this email for a detailed list of planetary movements)

June begins with a day on the 1st of interpersonal harmony – our relationships are stabilized and our own internal balance finds a solid foundation.  However, the first three days of the month are marked with a potentially challenging experience of our old wounds attempting to erupt into consciousness for healing. Rather than react in anger, it will be helpful to spend some time with our own feelings to see where these reactions are coming from and focus on conscious release of any old psychic pain.

This stressful influence begins to subside on the 3rd, which features a harmonious solar aspect that brings confidence and joy.  However, a competing influence could create some problems with loved ones if we feel weighed down with too much obligation.  On the other hand, this one-day aspect could bring something surprising into our lives.

On the 4th we may feel somewhat confused or disillusioned for a day or so.  Mars (aggression) enters the nurturing sign of Cancer on this day so don’t be surprised if for a few weeks you have a sudden interest in food and cooking!

The 5th brings a day of general harmony. This is a good day for meditation or introspection as we are more in touch with our emotions at this time than usual.

Two planets change signs on the 6th: Venus (relating) enters its own sign of Taurus so for a few weeks we will be more focused on seeking comfort and stability in our connections with others. And Mercury (mind) enters its own sign of Gemini, activating the mental processes and enhancing our curiousity.

Jupiter has been traveling in retrograde motion for some time and changes direction on the 9th.  Planetary changes of direction often trigger reversals in financial markets, but you may find that a project which has been stalled can find its completion now.

The Full Moon on June 9th is in the sign of Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter interacts harmoniously with both Sun and Moon, so this is a Jupiterian Triple Whammy (official astrological term!) encouraging us to expand our thinking and our dreams and ideals beyond what we think to be possible.  Saturn (restriction) conjoins the Sagittarian Moon, putting a damper on the unbridled yearning for freedom of the Sag/Jupiter influence but also adding stability and ensuring that our expansion finds a firm footing.  A harmonious Venus/Mars aspect at the Full Moon is heart-opening and helps to energize.

Full Moon energies tend to last for a few days after the actual day of the lunation.

On the 13th two competing Mercury aspects could create some inner confusion. On the one hand we feel optimistic and positive about everything, but on the other hand we may be confused about where to go next.  This is actually a good day for creativity and planning – the mind is active and any confusion can be dispelled fairly easily.

On the 15th you may feel like pulling back into yourself for a day or so.  This is not a particularly social time and you may find that you are blocked from doing what you would like to do for a day or so.

Neptune turns retrograde on the 16th.  The outer planets are retrograde for half the year so this is not particularly eventful, but you may find that it is difficult to get a new project off the ground now.  Neptune’s role is to inspire us to turn away from the outer world and find creativity and magic within, which means that the material world is not often benefited during Neptunian periods.

Between the 18th and the 21st a combination of fast moving cycles could create some minor internal disharmony. We feel excited and inspired, but also insecure and fearful. We are filled with creativity but also disturbed by a memory from the past. Just ride the flow and you will soon be through the rough waters.

The Sun and Mercury both enter Cancer on the 21st at the Summer Solstice, followed shortly by a New Moon in Cancer on the 23rd, so we will be officially in the Cancerian season.  Family ties, connection to a sense of tribe, sharing food and tales from the past – these are the focus under the influence of Cancer.  Relationships of all kinds are highlighted now with a Venus aspect culminating on the 24th that helps to empower and forge stronger connections.

Mars is active on the 25th and 26th, helping to energize but also potentially creating disruptions. Mercury activates the mind and communication between the 27th and 29th, facilitating creativity but also interacting with Mars to create conflict, especially between the 28th and the 4th or so of July.  Physical activity is a great aid in handling an overabundance of Mars energy, and meditation or yoga helps with increasing mental balance at this time.

Harmonious planetary cycles are easier to manage, but in my view it’s the more difficult planetary energies that help us to grow and evolve.

As always, if you would like to explore how these influences affect your own chart and life, consider scheduling a personal consultation with me.

I hope you have a wonderful June!!

Peace and best wishes,


PLANETARY CALENDAR (dates and times are Eastern time zone)

6/1  Venus trine Saturn
6/2 Mars square Chiron
6/3 Venus conjunct Uranus
Sun trine Jupiter
6/4  Sun square Neptune
Mars enters Cancer
6/5  Mercury sextile Chiron
6/6 Venus enters Taurus
Mercury enters Gemini
6/9 Jupiter stations direct
Full Moon 18 Sagittarius 9:11 am
Venus sextile Mars
6/13 Mercury trine Jupiter
Mercury square Neptune
6/15 Sun opposite Saturn
6/16 Neptune stations retrograde
6/18 Sun sextile Uranus
Mercury opposite Saturn
6/19  Sun square Chiron
6/20 Venus sextile Neptune
Mercury sextile Uranus
6/20 Mercury square Chiron
6/21 Sun enters Cancer (Summer Solstice) 12:24 am
Mercury enters Cancer
Sun conjunct Mercury
New Moon 2 Cancer, 10:32 pm
6/24 Venus trine Pluto
6/25 Mars square Jupiter
6/26 Mars trine Neptune
6/27 Mercury square Jupiter
Mercury trine Neptune
6/28 Mercury conjunct Mars
6/29 Mercury opposite Pluto

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