Baldor: You Are The Fore-Bringers of the Dawn of Light

baldorThis morning my dear ones, I have a message for you that derives its substance from a condition that is serving all of you to bring the curtain down on the activities of the dark agenda. With these changes that are taking place there is every reason to believe that there is to be an acceleration of the activities of the darkness, and the subsequent elevation of the balance between so called “good” and “evil”.

I am Baldor, and while I do not usually use the word evil, I come to its usage now for the benefit of presenting an idea that is prevalent on earth today. There is a readily available amount of light for all who find the idea of evil unacceptable. That light is the source of the premise that there is no evil, except in the perception of those who would see it as being very real.

This is why to sweep the idea under the rug, would be to deny that it has been given basis upon which to say it is real. This represents itself in the world as the uprisings and, war, and all the other forms of darkness that exist.

My dear ones, you can live in a world where light exists as the only expression of being. Even with all the carnage and fear that others perceive around you, you can come to an understanding that there is only light, and that the degrees of light are but instances of expression of that light.

There is a great movement taking place on earth, and in that movement there is momentum established and there is also a great deal of progress made toward the removal of the idea of evil.

When that idea takes precedence and covers over three-fourths of the people on the planet, what would you expect? Would you think that there would be a move toward complete annialation?

My dear wise ones, think again. This is an energy that in its very nature can act to turn around that expected movement, and bring the inherent love and compassion streaming out and transforming all of that evil idea to that of a strong beam of light that permeates all that is on planet earth.

When people start looking within and in their desperation, or indignance, no matter the impetus, begin to say, “Enough! It is time to stand up and make a difference!” then what you will see is the forward moving of a wave so profound and so life changing that the idea of evil can be transmuted by the very example of an beam of light causing ice to immediately turn to a flowing of water.

In this flowing you can see a change of motion that can completely turn around the momentum and cause it to be represented in the light and might of powerful ones being ready to step up and take their lives back. This can happen, my friends; and you can be one of the first to make it happen.

How can you do that? You can step up in your life, and make it happen there. Then you can step up in your neighborhood and make it happen there, as far as your part of that neighborhood is concerned. You can do that with every aspect of your life, and you can make it work as the beam of light to melt away any disruption that does not harmonize with the idea of good, the strength of love and compassion in action.

By doing this you can make all the difference in the world with your own life. When you bring your life into balance it affects others, just because you are not an island unto yourself. You reach out and touch others, and you make a difference. Be that difference that moves mountains, even if it is a pebble on the periphery of an anthill that rolled aside creates freedom.

I reach you through this source of whom I am a part, as surely as a peel is part of a potato. We are inseparable, until the intent to remove me is made. Then I come back again and become one with her once again, after the peels provide fertilizer for the new crop.

This time I stay, and when the time comes again to remove or not to remove, there will be no separation, for the time for removal is past. We like the oneness that we are, and in this capacity of aspect to her, I have now come to take my place as herself in speaking some of her times in the future. I am expressing that communication, and in that respect I am being a part that will not leave again as I was.

The idea of evil was once part of our expression; now it is gone, replaced with the light that sears the love together in a lasting oneness that keeps the unity intact. This is happening with all of you in varying degrees, my dear friends. So when you find your self coming to terms with the ideas that represent evil, or the fear of all that evil has meant to you, know that you are becoming whole once again, and that this is the time of eternal oneness.

I take my leave from this transmission, never separate from this one again. I stand by for the rest of eternity in love and in compassion. I will return at some time with more news and information for your interest. Till then, I say this, “You are the fore-bringers of the dawn of Light. Wear it well, and keep the beam strong and sure for you will bring the flow of the melting of the hearts, and peace to this world forever.

Thank you dear brother Baldor, Love, Nancy Tate.

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