Seven Most Frequent Synchronicities

third eye chakraLife is full of coincidences. A good number of these coincidences are referred to as synchronicities. Their occurrences are undefined but they do happen. Synchronicities have their meaning related to each other. Although they are related, the cause cannot be explained. Synchronicities are real and must happen. Never should you fear if you happen to be a victim-you are in a universe full of its spirits.

Among the many synchronicities that happen, seven are most frequent. They include:

1. Discerning recurring digits in numbers for example 1111,222 and 333

Many people consider the repeating numbers to be associated with spirits. A good number also conjecture that the numbers are a guide from the angels, spirits for them to follow.

2. Someone calling on you, making a call or texting after contemplating on him/her

Many people like using phrases like “I was thinking of you!” when you ring them. Is it true? Certainly yeah. It is common you get rang by the person you just thought of. What a great coincidence! We have had this happen to us. This reveals that there exists universe spirits-able to connect thoughts regardless of the distance.

3. A song playing in the mind prior to the radio

This is a good example of unexplainable synchronicity. The next song to play on the radio is played first in a person’s mind. The song’s first bars are clearly heard in the mind before it is sung by the radio. Have you ever experienced the same? A good number of people can testify this. Nature lets the minds to predict what will happen next. This is a great coincidence the majority does experience though they never mind it. This enables the mind to respond to stimuli prior to occurrence.

4. Answers to your queries revealing themselves to you.

Many of us do ask themselves questions. These questions have a great impact with their being. For instance those who are in a relationship, about to start a big project do ask themselves a number of questions. Will the project pick up very first? What if it debacles? Synchronicity tends to provide answers to them in unexpected ways.

5. Good timing worth amusing

The way some things occur is very ridiculous. Many of us are victims of such yet we never take time to ask ourselves how it came to happen. For instance, a green light showing up once you arrive in your flowing drive through the traffic. The universe’s timing appears to coincide with yours.

6. Your desires being met adventitiously.

We tend to admire many things in life of which only write them on our wish-list. This may be due to lack of enough money to purchase them or priority factor. They are mostly kept as secret to oneself.

Amazingly, many of us have found themselves awarded presents, gifts among many others -their wish-list by relatives, partners or friends. Who can compromise this coincidence? Who shared your thoughts yet you kept it to yourself? Only the universe forces can explain this.

7. Meeting someone aimlessly and unexpectedly who has a solution to your problems.

Many people believe that they can only get help from prominent and well-off people. This is not the case. A needy fellow can stand on your side while you are experiencing a problem and help. For example, a person you meet at the party or grocery.

Mostly, the people you trust can help may not be present when you need them most. Will you wait till they come? You should not despise anybody you come across with otherwise, synchronicity will make you regret.

Likewise, synchronicity may direct the people you need at the convenient time and place to you.

All occurrences in life are controlled by the universe. Though synchronicities do exist, one should focus making her/his plans a success through hard work. All the mind, dedication, heart and spirit should be geared towards success. Thus; the universe will guide you all along with its synchronicities.

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