A Message From God: What Flower Are You?

godmessagesThe whole Universe is opening up, and it is opening up to you. The burden you may have felt under is about to lift.

Once again, you will be Light of Heart. There will be nothing for you to bear but Joy.

If you have felt you have been in the center of a maelstrom, such feelings will be lifted and no longer get in your way. Your heart will be re-enlivened. Your heart will become young. Your heart will restore itself.

You have given yourself much criticism. No longer remark to yourself how down in the mouth you feel. You have done this enough. No more.

Speak well to yourself. Hearten yourself. Make music, Beloveds.

You are not destined to be dolorous.

You are destined to sing. You are destined to live in Joy. Take a new look at your Destiny. Start now. Rise above the niggling thoughts that have pulled you down and held you in reserve. Change the words you tell yourself. Add to your Sense of Self.

When you feel you are surrounded in heartache, move your heart into the Light. Look up at the Sun. Surround yourself in Light. Take off the shroud of hurt you may have wrapped yourself in. You have the ability to turn your feelings around. Use your ability.

Here’s something you can do to lighten your heart:

Choose a flower today. Choose it in your heart. If you want, and it is feasible, put that flower on your table. There is a scent and meaning in each flower. Look beyond the surface.

If today you choose a Rose, Essence of Rose will fill you. Associate with Rose-ness in your heart. Love the Essence of Rose. What does the Regal-ness of Rose mean to you? What color of Rose is yours? Notice how you feel this moment as you think of the Essence of Rose you choose to represent your Burgeoning Heart. What are the qualities of Rose that run through you? What Rose are you in all its Glory?

If tomorrow you choose a Humble Dandelion, what are the qualities of Dandelion in your heart? A Dandelion is noteworthy for its courage. Courage is an Automatic Virtue of Dandelion. Dandelion is not trying to be courageous. Strength is just there. The Strength of Dandelion is yours. What other flower runs through you?

Do you choose to discover the bobbing Daffodil within yourself? Gladiolia, perhaps? Violet? Hydrangea? Apple Blossom? Petunia? Lady Slipper? There are plenty of flowers in the Universe to guide you to your complete Identity.

Look at pictures of flowers to help you choose what qualities you will absorb and reflect. There is no limit. Find even a flower to delve into that you may never have heard of before.

I am pointing you to the Essence you are destined for.

I am suggesting that you look to Nature to discover the Truth of you.

Do not think this is too naïve an assignment for you. Try it. See how far you can go.

At some point, go ahead and choose Trees or Fruit. Choose Vegetables.

Check out the Galaxies. What qualities are you? Check out the named Stars.

Choose the Colors of the Rainbow.

Choose the Seven Wonders of the World.

Choose Waterways. Choose Oceans. Choose Mountains.

It would take Lifetimes to complete this.

The thing is you are taking another look at yourself. You may have been feeling humdrum. Now daily reawaken yourself to all the possibilities and contents of you. There is no last resort here. You are unlimited. This is for free.

Who are you?

Discover. Rise above where you last dropped yourself off.

You are beyond categories.

Renew your Belief in yourself, the Profundity and Layers of yourself that represent you and represent Me in all Our Splendor. What Essence of Flower are you today?

» Source – Channel: Gloria